Graphical glitch | Mountain/ Forest Rocks & Trees


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Nov 29, 2019
I've just experienced another graphical glitch similar to the Moon overlay bug. Mountain type rocks change color ( to a strong red ) when i pass my camera near or through them.
My game is in a Solo Campaign, and i happened to be mining Rodite from a mountain zone so that i could build a Venture Payload Terminal, This bug ended up happening on the both techs i had in the area, a tank, and a lone 'GSO Cosmonaut SAP Cap'. After deciding to report the bug, i checked other rocks in the surrounding zones and found that it happens in several zones. [list below]

“The rocks/ trees in the Mountain/ Forest zones discolor when camera approaches.
  1. Find a Mountain/ forest zone ( In my case specifically one surrounded by forest )

  2. Place tech within 15-20 blocks (1x1x1 size) distance from a rock

  3. Move the camera around, and through the rocks to change the color of the rocks.

  4. Note the rock changes color when your cab is in contact with the rock

This seems to function with various trees, a list of what I've found will be provided below
  1. Desert rocks, Ore and non ore.
  2. Forest rocks, Ore and non ore.
  3. Purple top, and Green top trees from forest zones.
  4. Salami like trees form the Mountain.
  5. NOT Luxite crystals, NOT Eurite crystals.
I wasn't near any other zones so this is all the information i gathered.

( Video evidence provided )

( Image evidence provided )


Additional image, I know i'm supposed to make a separate thread but here is another bug that i found while testing this bug.

I tried to include my Save & my output log, but the website won't let me upload the Zip file, I still have a copy of both so if any devs want it let me know.
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