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Oct 14, 2017
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(newer thingy for op that basically got made with some form of planning, does this sound good?)
There's many kingdoms around, some more focused on warfare while others are more civilian, and others somewhat in the mix, however only the top tier of techs get used at all in those kingdoms, the ones not being made perfectly being unused.. What i'm trying to say is that not alot of more unique but not best at functioning or amatuer designs end up getting used.. plus alot of stuff that does get used is made by like one person but that's more of another issue.

What the Golden Armada aims to do is allow more freedoms in techs, to allow the not perfect ones, and in the end having a very unique force, from small civilian techs to the larger military techs to ones in the middle of those two
This is the Golden Armada, no longer of one person's force, but of ours, we will survive and thrive i suppose.
Welcome to the Golden Armada (or basically The Armada but if it was a kingdom)

Originally a faction of other kingdoms (mainly lemon and SFS), The Armada is now becoming a Kingdom of its own, to expand out, to survive better.

We don't specialize in any type of techs and allow modded blocks, thus allowing our members to have more freedom in their techs.

To say you want to join

Current Status: Properly making the GA into a Kingdom

Allies with TAC, MD, Z-Tech (and probably LK by default), neutral with everyone else

Original Armada Thread

Techs. Discord link
It's highly suggested for GA members to join the discord if they are able to

Leader: @Shidoni
Members: @Soviet_Samuelson
@Random Spaceship
@☣VΣИΩM☣ (Shipbuilder, Navy General*)
@Sachiho Wolfy
@Seth_Seth is no longer a member and because of this has caused this thread to become defunct, go to the next Golden Armada thread if it exists

And remember, Always be Vigilant!

*Navy General currently counts both for water and space vehicles
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