Global Discord Outage


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Apr 4, 2019
Just leaving this here, it seems to be a problem in cloudflare:

Discord down due to Cloudflare outage affecting parts of the web
Cloudflare is working on a network problem

Popular chat service Discord is experiencing issues today due to network problems at Cloudflare and a wider internet issue. The app is currently inaccessible for its millions of users, and even Discord’s website and status pages are struggling. Discord’s problems can be traced to an outage at Cloudflare, a content delivery network. Cloudflare started experiencing issues at 7:43AM ET, and this has caused Discord, Feedly, Crunchyroll, and many other sites that rely on its services to have partial outages.
Cloudflare says it’s working on a “possible route leak” affecting some of its network, but services like Discord have been inaccessible for nearly 45 minutes now. “Discord is affected by the general internet outage,” says a Discord statement on the company’s status site. “Hang tight. Pet your cats.”
“This leak is impacting many internet services including Cloudflare,” says a Cloudflare spokesperson. “We are continuing to work with the network provider that created this route leak to remove it.” Cloudflare doesn’t name the network involved, but Verizon is also experiencing widespread issues across the East Coast of the US this morning. Cloudflare notes that “the network responsible for the route leak has now fixed the issue,” so services should start to return to normal shortly.

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Edit: It is back ;)
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