Given nearly all blocks...


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Dec 15, 2014
So, I went out for a little stroll to get some minerals, and when i came back, there were 2 block dispensers that weren't at my base before hand. So i pick them up, and they become normal blocks, i try to place them, and they spawn an AI guardian that wont attack me. That AI guardian is on yet another block dispenser and a turret block.
I pick that up, and it does exactly the same thing. After about 1 min of picking up the block dispensers and then they giving me items for me to unlock, i had nearly unlocked everything in the game.

I experienced this after i left my base with 2 rotating turret bases. So it would appear the rotating turret bases glitched and became block dispensers while i was gone?

As you can see in this Picture

I have tons of props laying around. And if you look carefully you can see a few block dispensers in there. But, before hand I had only a few wheels and my bot around my base. And like i said before, they just kept re-spawning new blocks for me to get, and this is what i got after literally 1 minute of collecting block dispensers.

[EDIT]: I went to one of the places where i KNEW there was a guardian, and it had completely disappeared, along with the stuff it protects, So it would appear my base turrets literally teleported the stuff to my base.
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