GeoCorp Autominer


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Nov 2, 2020
This has been suggested like a bajillion times already for 4 years... If they implement something like the groundripper it would be possibly the best addition to TT in 2020 IMO. Did the devs ever respond to this or are they not interested in developing GeoCorp anymore?


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Jan 3, 2015
Sounds like a great addition. But it kinda feels like the new updates we are getting now are leaning more towards what's fun or interesting to develope rather than what the game needs to be a complete game.
Manufaturing blocks in general outside of GSO are really barebones and Geocorp being a company based on mining/construction equipments just feels pretty lackluster. Even more of a passing point until you get HE or BF besides the arguably OP megareactors that got added.


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Jun 10, 2020
I believe the current development priority is in general content. Such as more core missions which apply to co-op and making TT accessible on different platforms. Blocks are added every now and again as a bit of a bonus in an update such as 1.4.5. The main portion of the update was the Halloween themed BF mission but the new blocks added (which have collected about a months worth of dust within the game's block ID library) where more of a side addition. A small project that happened to finish and can be added to what was mainly worked on for that update.

Manufacturing was originally a menace for the dev team. When crafting got its qued overhaul the devs spent over 6 months patching bug after bug, malfunctioning code, crafting AI flipping the table and doing weird things, fabrication systems (mainly component factory) becoming resource trash bins, infinite circuit loops (paradoxes for the crafting AI, causing crashes, excessive FPS loss, and inability to function as a whole), inability to render manufacturing parts (a component factory would become invisible to the crafting AI even though its on the same circuit), looped ques requiring infinite resources.. I remember the struggle of that development time. Got to a point where crafting was impossible and you could not obtain over 2k of those green crystals to sell at the time so getting high quality blocks in mass was very difficult. Patches would even came out at a rate of 3-4 patches a week until the team found a major error requiring more dedicated time, then a update would come after a week as a major fix. Before crafting was under control, you could expect a new patch at least once a week until a "revolution" was made (which hogged most of the development time, 2-3 weeks at most).

The development schedule was also completely disrupted by the demand of multiplayer, after manufacturing, the team started to tie loose ends in the beta, once those where fixed, straight to multiplayer development for an originally single player game. This pushed back ALL previous development plans by *ahem* ~3... WHOLE.. YEARS. Only recently (about 3 months ago) has the team been able to finish with multiplayer in a way that they can finally start going down the development list for the game. The Legion and Scrap corporations where most noticeably pushed back by this along with many other core elements of development. Adding a GC auto miner would require a thoughtful balance process, what would the GSO miner become? How will it fit within GSO now that it has a competing counter part? How should it be different to GC but still interesting enough for players to sometimes maybe use it? Should the GC auto miner be better in all, or some aspects compared to GSO? Should auto miners from other corporations be considered? Something simple to us like adding a themed auto miner is much more complicated than most generally are aware of.

Note: Do not hold me down to this, I am a novice developer who is good at applying logic applications to practical instances and deriving specific information based on speculation and experience. I could easily be wrong and be giving false information but I can ensure you, this information is generally how things go in the background. It may not be 100% hard facts but it should provide an understanding on how things currently are but by no means are exactly "how things are".
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