General Rules for Kingdom Combat


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Aug 14, 2016
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As everyone knows, combat on RP becomes more and more important, from deciding what flavor of lemonade is best, or whether to split the planets Titanium supply, it almost always ends in a war.

So I think we should have some basic rules.

- Combat can no longer be planet eaters, you can launch major attacks, but the fact is that we are just going to keep launching bigger and bigger techs at each other.

- Strategy Combat should become a part now, I believe @Legionite has the right idea, playing every part out in the battle. Showing losses and gains.

If you have more suggestions just put them down below.
This is mostly going to be about what other people think.
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Oct 8, 2016
Ah right. I'm leading the spearhead on the plan to create a codified turn-based mini-game in the forums. This encompasses the whole breadth of it, from Faction relationships, army construction to Tech combat.

I'll let you join under the condition that your rules will be sensible, fair and inclusive of others. I'm planning this ruleset to outlast all of us. The mods also monitor our progress.