Game Doesn't Use Secondary GPU. [LOW FPS]

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  1. b3d012

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    I Have a Lenovo Ideapad 320
    I5 8th Gen (Intel Core i5-8250U)
    1. Intel UHD 620
    2. AMD Radeon R7 M440 / AMD 520 (Name Changes With Different Driver Updates)

    My Game Always Uses My Intel UHD and doesn't automatically switch like my other games do, i have tried everything, Using my default Lenovo AMD Drivers or The newest AMD Drivers doesn't change a thing.
    My Radeon Settings Look Horrible as in they do not make sense (Expected since AMD software is trash tbh)
    But i Really want to play and i don't know what to do :(
    Please Help :D

    Note: This only happens with Terra Tech as other games such as Battle Royale Games (wont say name as i don't know if i am allowed to) automatically use my AMD card over the Intel one

    Device Manager View:
    System Information Panel:
    Radeon Settings Panel:
    DXDiag 1:
    DXDiag 2:
  2. Olli_DXD

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    Please attach your output log to this thread so it's easier for the devs to locate the issue.
  3. b3d012

    b3d012 New Member

    Either i dont have an output log or im too blind to find it, its supposed to be in the terra tech folder if im not mistaken?
  4. b3d012

    b3d012 New Member

    Omg, Im Really sorry , iv had this issue for weeks now and the day i decide to post, the problem gets resolved.

    so basically i clean unInstalled my amd drivers ( to remove all new and old updated i messed with) using the AMD Clean uninstall program thing , then i installed my default manufacturers version of the drivers, the difference between my manufacturer's drivers and normal drivers is that i never had the "Additional Settings" option in the normal newest drivers, so i opened that and set terra tech on high performance , that fixed my issue like magic.
    Finally id like to apologize for wasting your time, and i want to thank you for trying to help me.
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