future ideas for ZTech/Operation BlackWing builds and a recruit place


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Nov 2, 2018
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well, as I have built the Z10 and another ZTAir chassis that came from the new ZRoam missile that will get refined for a civilian transport shuttle with a new series of civilian transport called ZTrans, and Operation BlackWing has the R.D.A to be built, I decided to come out into the techs tab as no one noticed ZTech much in the kingdoms to try to recruit, and to get ideas for future builds. I will say some things here: we are neutral to all the kingdoms, and have some allies. we accept every type of person, regardless of what kingdom you are in, and your level of tech expertise(in fact, the ZPro series that started ZTech was me learning how to make better planes, up to the point where better planes came to be natural) in any way. here is the link to ZTech: https://forum.terratechgame.com/ind...e-builders-of-tomorrows-machines-today.19161/