Fuel Gauge in Multiplayer

General Douglas

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Feb 4, 2019
Does anyone know why the GSO Fuel Gauge is incompatible with multiplayer? It is the only non manufacturing GSO block to be barred from multiplayer, and what's more is that the power gauge works too! I'd just like to use more of my main techs in multiplayer without having to make seperate snapshots that are only missing the fuel gauge (which is inconvenient for techs that have gauges and meters buried within their hull), and needing to update the snapshot (and remove the fuel gauge again) whenever I make a modification to the tech to keep it up to standards. As such I am curious as to why we can't use it!

P.S. I also would really like to use it for its function, it's pretty useful!


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Jan 5, 2018
The power guage was not available in COOP for a pretty long time.

The blocks barred from multiplayer are ones that don't work quite right depending on if you are the host or not.

Me and my little brother discovered this early on in COOP creative mode (before COOP campaign was even released) when were able to salvage some of the banned blocks of the time from generated enemy techs. The best example I can remember of this is the better future shield controller. The issue with that block is that it would visually shut the shields down for the host but the client (the guy who wasn't the host) wouldn't see the shields go down, but if the person who had the controller got shot the shields would take damage and the tech would act like it is still shielded, just not visually be shielded.

I think we got some gauges too but when you would put them on they would show 0 regardless of how much fuel/power we had.

From that experience, I imagine the problem with a lot of blocks not available in multiplayer is that they need to do some extra programming to make them sync up with the host/client in order for them to function correctly, which they just don't have the time to spare to fix it quite yet because they are probably devoting their manpower elsewhere at the moment.


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Jul 4, 2018
probably devoting their manpower elsewhere at the moment.
Good points made.
They are currently focussed on bringing all the console versions up to date with the PC version. It also doesn't help that so many people are complaining about TT on consoles being too far behind or block allowance limits when they don't know the reason they exist in the first place.