FSI, Flagg-Ship Industries. Blocks and tweaks for fun.


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Sep 30, 2015
Introducing: Flagg Ship Industries.
A pretty large collection of blocks, Dedicated to:

A: Build massive ships (Within the limit)
B: Use Unique items to enhance your experience
C: Get Creative
D: All of the above.

Originally just an idea of blocks that could be useful, this thread will be dedicated to all blocks currently in the pack, which there are currently
Blocks in the pack. If you want to see the old thread, Here it is.
For the download link,
Here you go.
(You will need to be in the unstable for a few things to work properly. mostly the missile.)
How each thread section will go:

Category: Current block number in said category
[Series] [Block Name]
[Block Description]
[Mass and health]
[Size in X, Y, Z]
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Sep 30, 2015
Control Blocks: Currently 2 so far

(Series 4) FSI BF Control Center
A large control center with altimeter and speedometer.
Mass of 10 with health of 10,000.
5x5x5 in size

(Series 4) FSI BF AI Chip
A large AI Chip that works best on large bases. Has an invisible anchor for some odd reason.
Mass of 2.5, Health of 2,000
5x1x5 in size


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Sep 30, 2015
Structural Blocks: Currently 38 so far

(Series 1) FSI BF Floating Point Projectors
A small block with a floating attachment point at it's end. the first blocks ever created by the FSI. Comes with 5 versions.
Mass of 1.3 with health of 500
1x2x1 up to 1x6x1 in size.

(Series 1) FSI BF BI-Directional Floating point projectors
Similar to the first version, though it projects a point out the bottom as well. also comes in 5 variants.
Mass of 1.3, Health of 500
1x3x1 up to 1x11x1 in size

(Series 4) FSI BF Cubic Structural parts
The mainsay of the FSI, the CUBE. Comes in full size, Slant, Bi and Tri Corners and inverted corners.
Mass of 25, 12.5, 8.5, 16.75, 3.25, and 22.75. Health of 6k, 3k, 2k, 4k, 750, and 5,454.
General size of 5x5x5.

(Series 6) FSI BF Partial Cube and Slant parts
Someone had the brilliant idea to cut the cube and slopes into parts. the results are what you expect.
Mass of 20,15,10,5 for the cube, 10, 7.5, 5, and 2.5 for the slants. Health of 4800, 3600, 2400, 1200 for the cube, 2400, 1800, 1200, and 600 for the slants.
General area of 5x5, but with reducing lengths. 5x5x4, 5x5x3, 5x5x2, and 5x5x1

(Series 6) FSI GeoCorp Impact blocks.
These have the same basic cube shapes, but are made for ramming into things at high speed. They also don't detach when damaged enough.
Mass of 2 each, health of 2500 each

(Series 8) FSI BF Adapter blocks
There are 3 sizes with two variants. a 1x1 to 3x3, a shorter version, a 1x1 to 5x5, a smoother version, and a 3x3 to 5x5, plus a smoother version.
All have a mass of 12.5 and a health of 3000
Tri Short is 3x3x3, Tri Standard is 3x3x5, the others are 5x5x5.

(Series 3) FSI BF Support blocks
A hollow and filled in structural support. someone can come up with uses for these.
Hollow has a mass of 5 and a health of 1000, Filled in has the same stats as the solid cube.
5x5x5, though the hollow is, well, hollow on the inside.


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Sep 30, 2015
Wheel blocks: Currently 9 so far

(series 5) FSI BF Massive/Giga/Stupid wheels
You know you're insane when even the smallest wheel is larger than any other produced so far (Closest wheel in comparison is GreenTech's Terra). Massive halo wheels with enough space in the center to build around. Do note that the wheels will glitch out when any small block is placed in the direct center of the wheel.
Mass of 20/30/40, Health of 5k/15k/45k

(Series 8) FSI Venture Turbinator II Wheels
A Wheel to outmatch Venture's F1 wheels. Near Instant Acceleration and a good capacity to boot. just don't expect it to climb hills very well.
Mass of 1, Health of 5k

(Series 8) FSI GeoCorp Crash-Digger wheels
Big, tough, surprisingly fast wheels made specifically to impact any minables or techs in the way. they won't fall off either. Comes in a small and medium variant.
Mass of 8 and 20, health of 5k and 10k
5x5x1 for small, 5x5x2 for the medium

(series 9) FSI BF Anti-Gravity Omniwheels
Antigravity powered omniwheels. what else can you say? Comes in a short and tall version.
Mass of 7, Health of 2250
5x5x5 for the short, 5x7x5 for the medium, and 5x10x5 for the long
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Sep 30, 2015
Utility blocks: Currently 11 so far

(Series 8) FSI Passive gyros
Modifications of all standard gyroscopes for each corp, making them passive like Better Future's own passive gyro. otherwise, they are identical.

(Series 8) FSI BF Pulsar Passive and Active Gyros
Speaking of, These two gyros are made for massive behemoths and heavy techs. Have an offset LK Solaris that tilts your tech a lot? add one of these. Just beware of the impact damage.
Mass of 25, Health of 6000

(Series 3) FSI BF Sonic Rangefinder
While it doesn't increase your radar range more than others, it does increase the detection range for your tech all the way to the end of the radar's range.
Mass of 1, Health of 250

(Series 9) FSI BF Holocube Collector
A large chunk collector, able to hold 250 chunks within it's area. Good for stacking collectors.
Mass of 10, Health of 5000

(Series 9) FSI BF Block Collector
Using tech from GreenTech, a block collector is conceived. A good capacity of 100 blocks, large radius, and fairly slim too.
Mass of 2, Health of 1500

(Series 2) FSI BF Black Hole Magnet
Our first dabble into the extreme ends. A very strong block magnet that is also very heavy.
mass of 100, health of 7250

(series 3) FSI GeoCorp Truckbed collector
a combination of two scotty collectors in a more truck-like feel.
mass of 10, health of 5000
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Sep 30, 2015
Factory Blocks: Currently 8 so far

(Series 2) FSI BF Single chunk storage unit.
A block made to store all of the currently available chunk types in a decently small package. Can be scraped to gain the chunks back.
Mass of 113, health of 500

(Series 3) FSI GeoCorp Mammoth Receiver
An absolutely massive receiver with 28 spots for chunks, and 3 attachment points to go with it.
mass of 20, health of 16k

(Series 7) FSI BF Cubic anchors
Two large anchors for large bases. one rotates, the other doesn't.
masses of 5, health of 5000

(series 3) FSI BF Kamalout Silo
While looking small and wimpy, the Kamalout has a storage area of 9x9, while being a 5x5. it is quite expensive and heavy for it's size. maximum capacity of 810 chunks
mass of 25, health of 2000

(series 9) FSI BF Deception Receiver
A receiver with a slightly larger radius than the mammoth, but able to hold up to a 7x7 area of chunks. expensive too.
mass of 10, health of 16k

(series 9) FSI BF Implosion SCU
An attempt at the largest SCU possible by overcharging it. it has a large range, high pickup capacity, but a horribly slow startup time. (Currently still a work in progress. Singularity is offset, but still functional. it's charge time is 5 seconds instead of 30 due to this reason)
mass of 50, health of 1250
(series 10) FSI BF XL Sky Anchor
A massive sky anchor with extra height and a faster deployment speed, but higher recoil as a result.
mass of 86.4, health of 15k
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Sep 30, 2015
Flight blocks: Currently 21 so far

(series 1 and 7) FSI Intakes
A set of air intakes which compresses the air for fuel usage. While right now they don't improve fuel efficiency, they do vastly increase the fuel refill rate. there are 8 so far. 3 in GSO, 2 in Venture, and 1 in GeoCorp, Hawkeye and Better Future.
size, health, and mass vary a lot.

(Series 2) FSI GSO "Titan" Rocket engine
Eventually you'll have boosters so large and powerful that the term "Booster" becomes irrelevant. so Engine it is. The titan is the first in the series of ultra powerful, fuel hungry engines made to move very heavy techs. Force of 72kN with a fuel consumption of 60 units per second.
Mass of 10, health of 750

(series 3) FSI GeoCorp "Alpha" Rocket Engine
GeoCorp's solution to the massive engine problem, which rivals that of the Agemo Engine cluster. One of the second largest engines available for the public, though not the strongest nor most efficient. (TAC's Gigalord has 500kN of thrust with lower fuel consuption.) 301.5kN of thrust with 100 fuel usage per second.
mass of 25, health of 5000

(series 9) FSI BF "Agemo" Engine Cluster
Better future's more compact and slightly more efficient version of the Alpha, with 9 engine bells with a total thrust equal to that of the alpha. it's also easier to use due to it's shape. 301.5kN of thrust with 99.9 fuel usage per second.
Mass of 25, health of 5000

(series 9) FSI BF "Atlas" Antigravity engine
An absolutely massive anti-gravity unit, able to cover even the largest techs with it's radius, though it consumes a hefty amount of power while active. It reduces the gravity of any tech fully.
mass of 25, health of 10k

(series 4) FSI BF Mastodon Hover cluster
A large hover engine cluster with surprisingly good self-stability. It is rigid when on the ground, has a high carrying capacity, and a height comparable to the small hover rings.
Mass of 12, health of 6000

(Series 3) FSI BF Kompression Fuel tank
A standard fuel tank with a high capacity of 10k units, but only refills one unit per second. Somewhat durable, but don't use it as armor
mass of 10, health of 1000

(series 9) FSI BF Dark Drive
A mysterious engine that uses "supervoidal" energies to propel you forwards. at a maximum thrust of 320kN. it does take up to a minute to ramp up to full throttle, and takes a while to slow down.
mass of 12, health of 4000

(series 9) FSI BF Inline Wings
An attempt on making a wing with an aerofoil in the center. the results worked, though they don't give much lift. could be useful...
mass of 5, health of 2500

(series 10) FSI BF Mega Adjustment Thruster
A powerful 6-way adjustment thruster with the force of a medium BF booster. Useful for capital ships, may be unstable for smaller techs. 10kN of thrust per end
mass of 10, health of 2000

(series 10) FSI RR "Mössbauer" Antimatter engine
One of the strongest rocket engines available, utilizing antimatter as a propulsion method. While it still chugs fuel, it's strong enough to move. It is is highly limiting in terms of attachment points, having only 24 of them, and none in the front due to possible interference. 750kN of Thrust.
mass of 100, health of 25k
(series 10) FSI BF Left, and Right inline wings
Pretty much just left and right versions of the hollow wing. half the stats too.
mass of 2.5, health of 1250

(series 10) FSI BF Wing Stake
A decorative block to match flush with the wings. not a proper lifting body due to odd issues, but it works well enough.
mass of 0.8, health of 400
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Sep 30, 2015
Power blocks: Currently 23 so far

(Series 2) FSI GSO Capacitors
Cheap, easily made energy capacitors that don't store a lot, but are more durable than normal batteries.
masses of 3, 5, 8, 20. health of 500, 700, 1000, 2000
1x1x1 up to 2x2x2

(series 2) FSI HE Carbon Megacapacitor
Due to the use of high-density graphene plates and carbon nanotubes, the Megacapacitor has a much higher storage than even the GeoCorp Megareactor battery, at 280k with 35k energy per cell. it is expensive and very heavy for it's size, however...
mass of 100, health of 9072

(series 8) FSI HE Dual-bladed Windmill multistructure.
An attempt at a "Multiblock" structure, though each part can be used on their own. Comes with an anchor, a capacitor, a pole, and the generator itself. Generator must be anchored to produce power.
masses of 3, 3, 5, anf 15. health of 25k, 500, 5000, 5000
5x2x5, 1x1x1, 1x7x1, and 11x11x5

(series 1) FSI BF Power Complex MK1
Our first dabble into power tech. the MK1 complex uses a contained SCU to store power instead of blocks. it is massive, heavy, and can store a bit over 2.7 million energy with 12150 energy per cell. It is very weak for it's size, however...
mass of 750, health of 1250

(series 1) FSI BF Power Complex MK2
The second complex made, with a larger singularity and the help of a material called "Chaos," the mark 2 can store even more power, with an added benefit of discharging that power. Capacity of a bit over 14.3 million at 115,066.032 energy per cell.
it's also a lot more durable, and just slightly lighter (comes in two parts)
mass of 740 and 10, health of 5000 and 50
5x5x5 and 1x1x1

(series 1) FSI BF Static Solar cells
A set of 5 solar cells that, although can't be retracted, can still generate a good amount of power. Better Future has a smaller one, so we gave it a blanket version with double the power gen.
also with medium and large versions.
Size, mass, and health vary.

(series 1) FSI BF Inline wireless charger
Outputs a large amount of power at a far range. somewhat cheap, but more complex to craft.
Outputs 750 energy per arc at a max range of 150 meters, or half the distance of a standard radar.
mass of 7.75, health of 1250

(series 8) FSI BF stackable vertical wind turbine
An attempt as a more economic power generator. this wind turbine is stackable though doesn't make as much power as the hawkeye one.
mass of 15, health of 1000

(series 1) FSI BF Implosion shield and repair bubble.
Salvaging GSO bubbles and attempting to overcharge them resulted in two things: Nothing happening, or a violent explosion. Thus, they had to be contained, reinforced, and with slightly better electronics.
Their range is pretty high, but they take a long time to power up.
mass of 10, health of 1250

(series 9) FSI BF Dark Energy Core
A stolen Combine Tech, the Dark energy core accumulates local dark energy, albeit not as efficiently as the combine does it, but it's safer. Plus it's mobile.
Tied with a similar reactor in crafting and price costs, but not in mass. pretty sure the dark energy has an effect on it...
Generates 2500 energy per second after 20 seconds
mass of 1000, health of 50k

(series 3) FSI BF Draconic Reactor
The strongest, most powerful, efficient, and heaviest object we've made, the Draconic reactor is an end-game, extremely expensive power generator that can power everything and anything. Must be anchored, and it far too heavy for sky bases, unless an atlas engine is used, or some other anti-gravity engine.
Generates 1 million energy after 60 seconds.
mass of 1 million, health of 100k
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Sep 30, 2015
Weapon blocks: Currently 13 so far

(series 9) FSI GSO Classic Megaton
The megaton, but back when it was still in development. the only differences between the classic and modern megaton is the fire rate, turn rate, and the lack of desync fire. everything else is the same

(series 9) FSI GeoCorp-Hawkeye Swarm mining pod
A rapid fire pod full of specialized drones made for mining. a colab between GeoCorp and Hawkeye.
Drones seek the nearest tree, rock or outcrop and detonate on impact while leaving the chunks mostly unharmed. can be used as a weapon when target lock is active.
Projectile damage of 500
mass of 10, health of 2500

(series 8) FSI HE Metal storm volley gun
A rapid fire weapon spouting a total of 32 barrels. this weapon does the lowest damage possible, but overpowers the enemy in sheer bullet volume, able to fire a total of a thousand rounds before needing to reload. the fire button has to held down for at least two seconds to make sure all of the bullets fire, or it will begin it's reloading procedures automatically.
Projectile damage of 5
mass of 20, health of 3500

(series 5) FSI BF Kairos Turret
A set of 3 different turrets, with full turning speed, but limited up/down aiming.
Tier 1 is the weakest, but cheapest. Damage of 40
Tier 2 is the middle ground. damage of 260
Tier 3 is the strongest, but also the most expensive. damage of 480
mass of 10/20/30, health of 1750/2250/2750

(series 9) FSI BF Unfocused Supervoid Ray
Fires a destructive beam of energy at a target using the same energy that powers the dark drive. deals 1000 damage
mass of 30, health of 6000

(series 9) FSI BF Tri-Pronged Supervoid ray
Even deadlier with 3 focused beams on a spinning port, carving the foe clean. it is wide enough to leave a 1x1x1 cab alone, letting your other weapons deal with it.
Deals 1111 damage per beam, 3333 total.
mass of 30, health of 6000

(series 8) FSI BF Aeroflak Cannons Sentinel and Guardian
Two anti-air weapons based off of an old game. Both are fairly effective, but can mistake the ground as an enemy due to it's projectiles.
101.1 damage per shot
masses of 2 and 6, health of 1000 and 3000
5x4x5 and 7x4x7

(series 8) FSI BF Kinetic orb cannon
A powerful mortar-like weapon that fires heavy explosive shells at a target. the recoil is very high, and so is the damage.
Deals 12000 damage per shot
mass of 75, health of 25000

(series 9) FSI BF Antimatter missile Silo
This is considered a superweapon, similar to LK's Solaris, the Adaranth-pattern MacroLaser, and TAC's ICBM. it does a hefty amount of damage to everything around it, including your enemies, yourself, your trees, and your game. the latter two is not recommended due to unintended side effects. Do not use this in a place packed with resource deposits like trees, rocks and outcrops!
Damage ranges between 250k and 1M
mass of 250, health of 50000
(series 10) FSI BF Supervoidal Exploiter
A laser mining weapon utilizing 17 different beam systems with a pretty long range too. It is fixed, and takes a while to spool up, but it'll rip through trees and techs alike.
Damage ranges between 17k and 19k damage
mass of 30, health of 6000
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Sep 30, 2015
Update History:

April 26, 2019: Series 1 with FFPs, MK1 and power complexes, Inline Wireless charger, Solars, Shield and repair bubble, and GSO and GeoCorp Intakes.

October 5, 2019: Series 2 with the black hole magnet, GSO capacitors, Hawkeye Carbon Megacapacitor, Titan Engine, and Storage block.

October 19, 2019: MK1 and 2 complexes price and recipe change, MK2's charger is now centered.

October 30th, 2019: Series 3 with the Mammoth reciever, Draconic reactor with 10k mass, Kompression tank, structure parts, rangefinder, truckbed collector, Kamalout, and Alpha.

November 9th, 2019: Series 4 with smooth cubes, control center, AI chip, mastodon hover engine. Draconic reactor's mass has increased from 10000 to 65536

November 15th, 2019: Series 5 with the massive, giga, and stupid wheels, as well as all 3 Kairos turrets.

November 19th, 2019: 4/5, 3/5, 2/5, and 1/5th variants of the cube and slant, Alpha and Titan has been given proper particle effects, and 6 impact blocks.

November 22, 2019: Series 7 with venture, hawkeye and better future intakes, fixed rendering issue with GSO Intakes, Remade the AI chip's model, and added stationary and rotating anchors.

December 10, 2019: Series 8 with Adaptors, Impact wheels, turbinator 2 wheels, the Metal storm, the Kinetic orb cannon, the stackable vertical turbine, the hawkeye multi-block dual turbine, Flak Cannons, Passive versions of the vanilla gyros, Pulsar gyros, and the control center is changed with a different model to tell what is the front, the back, and the top.

June 18th, 2020: Series 9 and a new fourm thread. All blocks have icons now, fixed the name issue of the filled in structure cube, 3 omniwheels, "Classic" Megaton, Swarm mining pod, Unfocused supervoid ray, tri-pronged supervoid ray, Antimatter missile launcher, Holocube chunk collector, Block collector, Dark Energy Reactor, Deceptive Reciever, Implosion SCU, Dark Drive, Agemo, Atlas, and the inline Wing

June 28th, 2020:
-Fixed a Center of Mass issue with the wings so they should work properly now.
-Hopefully fixed the suspension issues with the 3 halo wheels. Also updated the wheel model and removed the steering. you can still turn with two of them.

July 1st, 2020:
-Overhauled the "Massive" and Turbinator 2 wheels. New models and icons to boot.
-"Massive" has APs on the side, and proper suspension (Thanks to @commanderbubbles for the help)
-Turbinator 2 has it's stats increased and is now capable of going 150+MPH

July 3rd, 2020:
-Overhauled the "Giga" and "Stupid wheel" in a similar vain to the "Massive"
-New model, stats, and better cell placements

July 4th, 2020:
-Added a "Gifts" tab, for blocks that were gifts.
-Currently has 4 blocks, the "Perfectly Generic Item," the "Missing Texture," and 2 variants of the "perfectly generic error"

July 10th, 2020:
-Updated the Dark Energy Generator with a new model and particle effects.
-Added a work-in-progress piping system called "Dark Energy" with currently 3 pipe sizes in both a straight and curve variant.
-There are duplicates of the small straight pipe, but those will be updated on a later date.
-Added the "Supervoid Exploiter," A large laser drill with a total of 17 separate lasers on this weapon. It is under the "Supervoid ray" Tab under T3.
-Updated the SCU. While the initial particles are still there and are still an issue, the "singularity" has been moved to the center of the block.
-Forgot to give the Giga and Stupid wheels their icons. they've been added as well.

July 17th, 2020, 4:00AM MST:
-Added the Mega adjustment thruster and the Mössbauer engine
-The engine took at least 10 hours to make. 5 for the model, 5 for the .json

July 17th, 2020, 7:50PM MST:
-Added the left and right variants of the wings, along with a decorative stake.
-the stake was originally a lifting surface, but things were funky with how it worked, so it became a decorative block instead.

July 22nd, 2020:
-Added the XL sky anchor
-also the day when custom sky anchors were unlocked.

Further updates will be posted on post #21.
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Sep 30, 2015
Planned Ideas:

FSI Zenitherium reactor
-Uses Dervish gel as a catalyst, generates power comparable to ~500 energy per second. Actually a planned gift for a friend.

FSI Antimatter reactor
-A variant of the Zenitherium, though much more expensive and uses proxima darks as a catalyst (it uses the internals of the PD). with around 5k energy per second.

FSI RR Antimatter Rocket Engine
-A stupidly strong rocket engine for stupidly heavy techs. Should be a meganewton (1 million force) but uses only 10 fuel per second.

FSI BF Wings
-More 5x5 wings, most likely a delta variant of the current wing, lifting surfaces, and aerofoils.

FSI BF massive chunk blocks
-simple 5x5x5 variants of the other chunk blocks with a 10 chunk per cell ratio, with a capacity of 1250 per.

more FSI Intakes
-Another hawkeye one, a GeoCorp one, and 2 BF ones.

FSI "Digital" blocks
-Infinitode 2 inspired blocks and weapons, modifiers too if possible
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Nov 1, 2019
This is Large-Grid TerraTech, ladies and germs.

For those not in the know, Space Engineers has what is known as "Small Grid" and "Large-Grid". Small grid is 1/125th the size of large grid.


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Sep 30, 2015
New Category added: Gift blocks
Just some simple, for-fun blocks made for a few friends.
Currently 4 so far
FSI Perfectly Generic Item:
-A green-screen block for making items, if possible. Inspired by the same item in starbound, and also an item in Homestuck.

FSI Missing Texture:
-The original gift. just a block that's missing it's texture intentionally.

FSI Perfectly Generic Error
-2 variants, one with green on the outside and pink on the inside, and it's inverted cousin.


Trying to provider modders with custom music.
Oct 20, 2016
New Category added: Gift blocks
Just some simple, for-fun blocks made for a few friends.
Currently 4 so far
FSI Perfectly Generic Item:
-A green-screen block for making items, if possible. Inspired by the same item in starbound, and also an item in Homestuck.
Thank you for releasing the Green Screen, Now things will not be plagued by placeholder icons.


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Jul 4, 2018
New Category added: Gift blocks
Just some simple, for-fun blocks made for a few friends.
Currently 4 so far
FSI Perfectly Generic Item:
-A green-screen block for making items, if possible. Inspired by the same item in starbound, and also an item in Homestuck.

FSI Missing Texture:
-The original gift. just a block that's missing it's texture intentionally.

FSI Perfectly Generic Error
-2 variants, one with green on the outside and pink on the inside, and it's inverted cousin.
Quick question, were the IDs changed from the previous ones or will they still conflict with some of your older blocks?