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Jul 22, 2015
Chadwick Bay
The following post is a list of the most popular suggestions from our community.

**Updated every Sunday**
**Optimizations are a consistent ongoing effort**
**Message me if a unique idea has been overlooked**
**All entries are based on the first post of each thread**
** Ideas about future corporations are not yet included.**

[^] - Suggested often; [conf] - Confirmed for future; [wip] -Work is in progress; [given] - in game

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New Blocks
Geo Stabilizer wheel
^Tank tracks [conf]
Walking legs
Multi-directional roller ball wheel
Teleportation beacon
dedicated railway system (rails, junctions, controller logics)
screw propulsion (helical threaded cylinder)
suspensors (dynamic height control hover plates with automatic stabilization)
blimp blocks (slow moving, fragile, block for block weight negation)
ion thruster. booster that uses power in place of fuel
Jet Engine - Slow fuel use, minimal thrust
venture wings [given]
faster speeds
large Venture booster
side mounted hovers, similar to the fans
Gatling Gun
^missiles [conf]
Tesla shocker (contact effect/ranged effect)
^grapple/harpoon launcher
bomb bay block (landmines and/or aerial bombs)
^manually aimed weapons
Continuous beam energy emitter (medium to long range)
^larger cannons
larger lasers
more "stud" mounted weapons (front facing)
long range, fixed aim, ballistic weapons. suitable for aircraft.
timed or triggered explosives
vampire bubble/beam, steels energy from foes
Item cannon, shoots actual blocks
Explosion Dampening Block (physical barrier)
Repulse fields (shields that push techs & blocks back, would not block lasers)
More armor plates variations (shapes, sizes, strengths)
smoke bombs (confusion effect)
goo cannon (slow effect)
*EMP (drains energy, might disrupt weapons and/or movement)
tracking laser
mediKit - charges slowly, can be triggered to heal attached blocks
alert horn, summons back all friendly AI to defend base
stealth (moving undetected near enemies)
visibility gauge (to go with the stealth concept)
directional shield
damage type specific shields​
Bug light 2x1 tall
Sun Lamp - anchored, and bright as day, needs power
^"More things to spend power on"
"Drop off end" for conveyor
*Storage for unused blocks/techs [given:"SCU"]
resource specific tractor pad (configurable)
resource transmitter (point to point)
GeoCorp mobile delivery cannon
Large conveyors [wip]
nuclear power reactor
grabber crane
longer conveyor blocks for easier placement
small mobile solar panels
some way to handle a field of stray single blocks (other then manual retrieval)
Daylight sensitive switch blocks
programmable blocks
2x1 ans 2x2 rotating anchor blocks (geocorp)
range finder​
Appearing/disappearing blocks
GEO right angle girder
Additional shapes and sizes of colored blocks
^anchored building platform
^Pistons, hinges, tow-hitch
Explosive bolt block (for dropping sections of a tech)
glass blocks
Stationary text or scrolling banner block
GeoCorp 2x2 rotating anchor​
block upgrades, improve stats threw investment of BB
dimmer/color controls for tech lighting​
Changes for Current Blocks
higher Max speed on land/sea
^wheel traction on blocks
More lift or controllable lift for hovers
hovers should be able to "make drag" (hover specific braking)
hovers should have standardised hit box "height profile"
improve ability to "take off" with aircaft
improved damage resistance for venture wheels​
logistics - additional controls and options for sorting/storing/retrieving/delivering
^deploy-able anchor (mobile tech becomes a base temporarily)
Area flood lights added to SCU
BlackList/WhiteList toggle for filter blocks
Selling Directly from the SCU
skyward beam of light from SCU, navigational aid​
^power toggle for any functional blocks on a tech
re-balance of various blocks
"simple" in-game AI programming
have blocks be aware of vehicle state (wheels stop while plane is airborne, etc.)
^multi anchor support​

NPC & Enemy
^More Corporations [conf]
Path control for allied techs (way points, patrol routes, resource collection zones)
organic "mobs"
improved variety of enemy tech spawn
Non-Player Characters
^flying enemies
have a "player traffic" density map control spawn rates
Add characters, faction standing to current mission system
airborne resources, aerial ecosystem, cloud scooping
hazard zones that cause damage over time (radiation etc)
^More biomes[conf]

^liquids (water, lava, toxic goo, tar, fuel)
weather and disasters (meteor strike, dust storm, hurricane etc.)
Add a cloud layer to fly above
randomly chosen Gravity strengths (low,med,high) per game​
Backstory & Theme
radio stations (tune in to music, news and what not)
Faction standing affected by missions
Name for the planet were on
Space station added to skybox (the one collecting all those resources)
periodic supply drops from the space station
remove payload terminal, have corp themed trading stations
Game Balance
resource scarcity (some biome dependent resources)
Finite fuel/fuel production
damaged blocks malfunction
overloaded wheels take damage
oxygen/life support concerns for the cab-driver​
Quality of life
buy blocks in lots (1x, 3x, 5x, 10x etc)
add currency gain to "current BB" window, to replace floaty yellow numbers
Block painting similar to R&D
Aid for discovering dispensers
"loose" block despawn after a period
[Given: block despawn rate]
add defeated invasion techs to payload term for purchase
invasion indicator circle is hard to see in the mountains, re-color based on biome?
auto disassemble (shed blocks of a type at will)
deactivate un-piloted techs, lights off, wheels locked, hover plates deactivated.
alternate camera modes
hide UI for recording
high-lite items in payload terminal if quest related
purchase discovered bases from payload terminal
"no fire" zones or creative mode

^tutorial skip option
radar blip customization
restore techs from schematics
Lower cost of purchased techs by using blocks from SCU inventory
voice-over guidance/tutorial
green seamless tile block for "Green screening"(also available in magenta)
Change build limit to a volumetric quantity instead of a hard 64x64x64
slow movement while in build mode
tool tip toggle
Move groups of blocks
improved bug reporting system
less busy title screen options (perhaps auto-magically based on fps?)
in-game tutorial for taking snapshots and buying techs
enforced grid for base building
Ideas & Gimmicks
Online Dynamic Map
^interplanetary travel, either by a "load screen" or by actual travel
ranking title based on xp total
public mission editor
integrated player online count
VR/Oculus Rift support
modding support
more DLC
editable block textures
accessible list of techs added from the community
and an orange to match the lemon​
R&D Chamber
Damage Toggle
^biome examples in r&d
"free cam" mode for easier building
clear button, deletes all unattached single blocks
"home" button heals as it teleports

^Enemy AI
a traditional test track
a hill climb section with varying slope grades.
Additional Background music
More Seasonal Content (April fools etc.)
Auto-save, Quick-save, Quick-load

^Voxel based land construction/destruction
Newtonian physics (accuracy polish for physics system)
Steam Workshop integration
build mode height control
enhanced dynamic background music and sound effects
Game+ previous plays enhance future plays

^multiplayer [wip]
Named game saves
Quest Ideas
Secure an area(clear enemies, activate a becon)
Harvest [x] amount of a resource and deliver
Build a team and fight encounter
Earn Specific BB amount
Escort a pre-made tech to a specific location
build a base, survive waves
destroy X enemy techs in X minutes
power a capacitor in a given amount of time, no solars allowed
Beat the Pinata King, A deadly base comprised of the newest and rarest blocks.
New Challenge modes
arena mode
Gauntlet free for all challenge
Interface & Control
^coordinates on mini-map
metric version of indicators
Formations -Tactical control of friendly techs

^On-Screen indicators - Weight, Center of mass, Center of thrust, Current total energy
^Key binding ... with options (toggle,block grouping) [conf]
Improved rotation and attachment [wip]
Camera control while holding blocks
Who is fighting on the title screen, we'd love to know. (names shown)
Full screen map toggle
Configurable GUI element placement and scale
artificial horizon readout for flying techs
indication of in game time of day
ESC to close in game windows quickly
Smaller radar map icons (pips in place of rings)
in-game help system
cursor selection
self destruct button
cruise control

^"Saved tech" organizational improvements (name search, Categories/folders )
sliders for controlling spawn rate/spawn max cap.
render distance slider
^Detailed graphic settings [conf]

Merchandising Requests
3d print models
more t-shirts [wip]
Coffee mug (ok ill admit it, this is a personal request)
official TT desktop images
Chat in forum sidebar
Stream & Events Sub-forum
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