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May 20, 2017
Current Version:
TAC Pack Version 0.5.3
Bath Before the Hurricane

TAC "Corp":
[TAC_Pack Dropbox/Downloads Link]
Not to be confused with the the Steam TAC Pack, as that one is behind this one in terms of development.

If you are interested in joining the AI Revolution and being a part of a bigger TAC-Oriented community, the TAC Kingdom is also here: [Link]

For all TAC Pack mod-related issues, please contact Legionite#8477 on Discord or bother @Legionite.
Leg may love game bugs, but bugs in this pack are not really the fun bugs!

There are 160+ Blocks in this Pack!
Which includes:

  • Blocks built to last under extreme conditions
  • A fully mobile, complete base system
  • Multiple unique weapons
  • Modular wing system
  • Dedicated spaceship building blocks
  • The eldest projector shields (Steriopticons)
  • Model updates that improve appearances

Currently you can reskin TAC blocks with Hawkeye Textures.

TAC Blocks(450) have generally more health than HE blocks(400).
Same weight class as GSO in some cases. The more powerful blocks are heavier.
You could build small and not worry too much about being destroyed in one heavy hit.

The main catch being
costs of said blocks of other corps has overall greater efficiency than what TAC blocks provide from quality build costs.
(Weaknesses to shotguns, plasma and impact)

Below: railgun bees swarming a threat.
Forum Version

Oh and if you are interested in just good old, simple explosions, Shido's got you covered with an ICBM ;)

{Latest version details are in the most recent post}
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May 20, 2017
So TAC stands for Technocratic AI Colony.
FAQ guy:
Where is the "AI" in TAC here!?

Unlike Legion, it's not directly possible to manipulate the allied AI in the code.


You Could manipulate the Allied AI's Tech to your advantage!
This is where TAC comes in on the field of AI.

AI Modules & Manipulators(Coming Soon):
This is what's neat: You can build a Tech using one of these as the first part, then build off of it and save it later without normal player cabs. When you want to chill or let the AI do the killing for you, you just swap to said tech, and watch the automated carnage!

Manipulators control what a Tech does when an enemy is nearby. Will we try to stay at the same height level as said enemy? How about homing in on an enemy automatically? Do we want to stay away from the enemy?

Building Blocks:
Their uses are also greatly limited due to the un-ordinary designs, but can live through some nasty explosions and resist popping off.
Also the prices of the blocks rise up almost linearly, but the stats of each larger block are superior to their predecessor.

Normal blocks:
Weigh around the same as GSO, have more health than HE, but are far more expensive than BF.

How are the blocks so light for the resources they use?
It's simple.
All the slightest impurities in the resources get filtered out in the fab, leaving only the good stuff behind.
This leaves much waste however.
The SCU stores this waste in the case the blocks get scrapped to resources again.

You can't really get any more mobile than the HovaBugga Cab. Pair it up with the Cab Frame Block for maximum escape planning!
The Undertaker Mainframe Cab takes reduced damage from explosions, but it also has no guns or wheels. It is the PERFECT cab to hide, and ONLY hide!

Gotta Go Fast, is that right?
LUDICROUSLY expensive wheels that cruise around at 80 mph or above (or slower when overburdened)
Unresponsive *Jet Engines* that achieve higher levels of thrust than any prop can manage, incompatible with props and different jet engine models.
Spaceship engines and thrusters to get going through the skies, FAST.

Mostly a slur of abnormal-particle weapons, some of them bypass shields, some of then explode violently, and some have significant range.
Missiles are fast, VLRS, or nuclear in quality.
+ Experimental Cannon that launches wrecking balls
+ interceptor gun
+ weak infinite energy tesla
+ phasing shotgun
+ Vertical Rocket Launch System Missiles
+ Tractor Beam

Complementary Banana for Scale included in picture (Aceba1's bananagun)

Check this out for yourself, plenty of goodies.
+ Maglock with long range and heavy carrying, but low max blocks and a hefty price.

Mobile fabrication things, a long-distance block magnet, and a rotating anchor.
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May 20, 2017
TAC is all for small, high-quality Techs.
This means high speeds, outstanding armor, and effective weapons at small scales and unreasonable costs. Built to be on par with many "Bigger is Better" Techs.
There will be no intimidation from TAC Techs, but there sure will be underestimation.

It is advised you combine TAC blocks with other corporations because making a Tech out of entirely TAC blocks is not very economical.

Noughts(2000's)-Future is the style it was aesthetically aiming for. A mix of not too retro-sci-fi backed up by modern designs, and a bonus splash of experimental aspects.
Most of the inspiration came from past TAC concept art and Techs as well from the [Kiwi Wars].

If you would try to compare it to vanilla corps, it would be:
Hawkeye(Warlike capability), GSO(Older design aspect), Better Future(SHEER COST and sleek factor), Reticle Research(Experimental energy weapons), and Venture (SPEEEED) in a unholy mixed-up jumble.

It's far from the mentality of being big and powerful like the Lemon Kingdom .
It's also not manipulation of elements and environment like GreenTech.
It's demands too much order to be free-willed like Darklight Corp.
It's not as classic or as affordable as the good olde Old Stars.
It's not as dedicated to shield-breaching like Black Labs.

TAC wants to go fast, furious, and far.

This means manipulating the enemy and your allies to your advantage as well as the projectiles that fly across the battlefield.

All footage provided by the old Modded Com-core:
Intro To TAC:

Concept Tech:

Of course, things have changed since far back then...

A huge thanks to the following who made it all possible!
Block Models:
TAC KRAM ICBM Missile System & TAC KRAM Missile Battery: Shido
TAC Two Block Remastered: Shido and HeX and WhitePaw
TAC Repair Bee Nest Bee: Whitepaw

Maritaria & Aceba1/Whitepaw for making the base support for block modding
Rafs for Resource Chart calculator (endlessly useful)

(Other Modders as their work inspired me)

HeX for the block inventory snapshots (Over 50!)

Alpha Testers: Shido(ni), HeX, Mindl3ss, Sozin, Cloudchaser, Aceba1, Venom, Seth_Seth, Bedacoalmaster, Scallywag Mag, the Developers of TerraTech to some degree.

Beta Testers(Includes Alpha Testers): NotExactlyHero, Green Theem, Helios
Submit fixes or adjustments to make a spot here!

JSON Block Code: Legionite with some assistance from
various others in the TerraTech modding community including Whitepaw and Rafs
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May 20, 2017
- Scally's lore for the Bulkhead Doors [discord kingdoms RP-related joke :p]
- Doomlord's lore for the Undertaker Cab [Underminer and Active Streamer]
- Scally's (and Doomlord's) lore for the TAC Fab [discord kingdoms RP-related cameo]
- Cloud's (and Sachi's) lore for Gimbal Engine [Suggested it]
- NEH's lore for the Pivelite [Named it][/SIZE]
- Aceba's lore for Droney (Repair Bee Commando) [Designed the True First Repair Bee]
- Aceba's lore for Bowling Ball Cannon [Mentioned an idea like it]
- Sozin's lore for the Light Praetorian Turret [Maker of original Praetorian Tech]
- Shidoni's lore for the ICBM Missile Silo [Made the block come to reality, models and all]
- Seth_Seth's Repair Bee Nest [Responsible for the introduction of the Repair Bees]
- Shido's lore for the Maglock [discord kingdoms RP-related cameo]
- HeX's lore for the TAC Insignia Block (coming soon) [Suggested it]
- Venom's block (currently WIP) [Huge emotional support]
TAC Concept Art Moodboard:
yes, OG Hawkeye was an inspiration. Get over it.

Old stuff, not quite as old as GSO.
In fact, the opposite.
We are looking IN THE PAST for THE FUTURE

Hence, Retro-Future-Space-ish
Not retro as in the 60's, Retro as in past computer animation and designs

So why no pyramid APs?
It's somewhat due to it being a conflict in design, somewhat due to laziness.
There are also parts that now exist as throwbacks to old aspects of the TerraTech that was introduced back in 2015.
This INCLUDES fuel-powered steering thrusters, wheels that overload and stall, etc.

Rough, angular builds [0, 45, 90, 180, etc]
Basic blocks have 0.025 angular chamfers on them
Bendpoint/brackets are somewhat octagonal beams
Some parts have trusses for sense of scale
Conventional Radar

General Color:
Reflective Grey armor
Shiny gun barrels
Glowing Red sensors
Blue windows
Green stripes(subject to change)

Color when in Daylight:
Silver/grey hue

Color when in Darkness:
Slight weak blue glow

Unique aspects:
Expensive, strong and small
Even-height wings, very slim and bent
Projectors project bubbles away from source
Blocks are strong but lightweight

Not-so-serious concept art (with references to other corps):

Even less serious concept art (with references to other corps):

Currently TAC Corp is using HE textures. There will be a Texture Pack for Hawkeye to reskin TAC blocks.
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May 20, 2017
So this is how the Updates go:

To prevent desync of players using the TAC Pack, or missing blocks that weren't downloaded, the whole TAC Pack is kept up to date on on this Dropbox:

[TAC_Pack Dropbox]
Confused? Check the latest post!

[Legacy (older) versions]
TAC Planning
[TAC Trello]


Techs for Examples


Leg Day

Due to requests and navigation convenience, all future Techs and suggestions can be posted at:
[Techs and Requests Thread]
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May 20, 2017
TAC Brief Block Wiki: [0.4.0]
Updated 7/24/2020

//Mostly strong, experimental armor parts of odd shapes to make stacking them a pain.
--Basic Blocks
584203 + TAC One Block (1,1,1) //moderate mass, high health, INSANE cost. What’s this? A mushroom?
584204 + TAC Two Block (2,1,2) //A stupendously well-armored block with a rather impractical design.
584205 + TAC Heavy Armor (3,1,2) //A durable block that can take some serious punishment. Lacks APs on the top face
584206 + TAC Forge Block (2,1,3) //A stupendously well-armored block with a rather impractical design. - Looks like a 1
584208 + TAC U Block (3,1,2) //A U for you!
--Donut Blocks
584209 + TAC PutARingOnIt Block (3,1,3) //Explosions? Ooof.
584210 + TAC Donut Block (4,1,4) //Explosions? Hmm?
584211 + TAC Zero Block (4,1,6) //Explosions? Wat?
584212 + TAC o Block (6,1,6) //Explosions? That tickles.
584213 + TAC 0 Block (6,1,8) //Explosions? Nah that’s probably nothing.
584214 + TAC Theta Block (8,1,8) //Explosions? Nah that’s probably nothing.
--Bendpoint Bunker Brackets
584250 + TAC Bendpoint Block (1,1,1) //TAC's Bracket Part
584251 + TAC Longpoint Block (1,1,2) //TAC's Bracket Part
584276 + TAC Hashpoint Block (1,2,2) //TAC's Bracket-Chassis Part
584277 + TAC Gridpoint Block (2,2,2) //TAC's Bracket-Grid Part
584268 + TAC Reactive Armor (1,1,1)
584317 + Reactive Armor Corner (3,1,2)
584269 + TAC Scenic Armor (2,1,1)
584308 + 1.5 Armor (1,1,2)
584309 + Long 1.5 Armor (3,1,2)
584310 + Double 1.5 Armor (1,2,2)
584311 + Long Double 1.5 Armor (3,2,2)
584315 + Jab Armor (3,1,2)
584316 + Long Jab Armor (3,1,2)
--Half Blocks
584300 + Half Panel (1,1,1)
584301 + Long Half Panel (3,1,1)
584302 + Angle Half Slab (2,1,2)
584303 + Corner Angle Half Slab (2,1,2)
584304 + Half Half (1,1,1)
584305 + Long Half Half (3,1,1)
584306 + Left Fender Half Half (2,1,2)
584307 + Right Fender Half Half (2,1,2)
584312 + Dynamic Shift Armor (2,2,1) //To convert Reactive Armor to 1.5 Block
584313 + Long Dynamic Shift Armor (2,2,3) //To convert Reactive Armor to 1.5 Block
584314 + Jagged Shift Armor (3,3,3) //To convert Reactive Armor to two Half Halves to a Curb Block

//Command an army of diverse AIs!
584255 + TAC Rambot AI (1,1,1) //Let's ram the enemy with GEOcorp drills because we can.
584256 + TAC Sniper AI (1,1,1) //Let's snipe the enemy because we have glass cannon
584257 + TAC Mobile Turret AI (1,1,1) //Let's resist the temptation to Build Beam and do the MT aim correctly. Sit like a good guard dog.
584271 + TAC Assassin AI (1,1,1) //Relentless trouble seeking will always keep this one in a fight, and at a safe distance too!
584234 + TAC Decoy (1,1,1) //A separate Cab that is targetable, but cannot be controlled from.
584260 + TAC Ejector Decoy (1,1,1) //pops right off, acting as distraction

//Many Cabs, such wow. Century and Suicide Plan AI Cabs coming "SOON".
584200 + TAC Hovabugga Floating Cab (2,2,3) //Can fly like hover bug craft, albeit a bit oddly because Cab physics
584201 + TAC Undertaker Mainframe Cab (2,2,2)//A Cab like the GSO Cab, but with far more health, and a tendency to stay INSIDE the Tech. (looks like a computer thing)
584320 + AV-7 Space Fighter Core (1,1,2), [7,7,8]MAX //VERY POWERFUL CAB, but restricts max building size to 7x7x8 and cannot anchor. DO NOT ATTEMPT FUSION!
584266 + TAC Repair Bee Commando (1,1,1) //The repair bees show no mercy for their enemies and will beam them to death. Shooting it down with flak is also really hard.
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May 20, 2017
//TAC Wheels are VEN fast and have similar to HE levels of health. Some floaty engines and thrusters as well. WATCH YOUR BUDGET CAREFULLY!
584215 + TAC Bearing Wheel (2,2,2)//Wheels that can strafe really well, like hovers.
584216 + TAC Trundle Wheel (3,4,3) //Half of this makes up the wheel motors, VERY fast, decent load tolerance. Doesn't handle hilly terrain that well.
584146 + TAC Speedomatic Tank Tracks (2,3,10) //Fast, beefy treads like an A1 Abrams
584299 + TAC Mark 8 Wheel (2,1,1) //Basic car wheel

584353 + TAC Bunsen Hover Thruster (2,3,2) //Very powerful hover with very fast responsiveness
584351 + TAC Reaction Adjustment Thruster (1,1,1) //Most powerful steering hover available. Demands fuel to operate.
584220 + TAC Turbulence Jet Engine (2,2,5) //massive speed, but slow acceleration
584217 + TAC Vector Engine (2,2,4)//Engine that angles itself for incredible control
584357 + TAC Inline Streamfold Compressor (?,?,?) //Use with large fighter jets
584219 + TAC Gigalord Flight Engine Bell (2,2,3) //TAC Valhalla Flight Engine
584218 + TAC Garnigho Spaceship Engine (3,4,8) //Hoverbug Engine with restricted steering power, but high mass tolerance
584322 + HVU Engine (1,1,4) //Boosts like steering hovers, weaker than a booster but better than a prop. Consumes fuel.

//Interesting weapons, which do not act like your standard peashooter or boom gun.
--OG Big Bertha Turret Style
584221 + TAC Light Praetorian Turret (5,5,8) //Somewhat like OG Big Bertha, lotta range, lotta damage, and lotta mass.
584222 + TAC Pivelite AutoCannon (2,2,3) //Sits on an L-shaped base. Fires shells that fly SUPER FAST to stop even the fastest of threats
584290 + Ancestor Carbine (2,1,2) //Classic, cost-efficient carbine weapon.
584261 + TAC Spark Battery (1,1,1) //Small introductory gun that shoots shield-clipping DEATH
584223 + TAC Valhalla U-CrossBeam TwinCannons (5,2,5) //Superfiring laser turret with intertwining beams to reach long distances.
584224 + TAC Valhalla Reilegh TwinCannons (5,3,5) //Superfiring, Imbedded in Deck. "Lasers" that explode a certain distance away
584225 + TAC Kiyashima II Laser Battery (4,4,6) //Superfiring, Powerful capital-class cruiser laser weapon
584285 + Retrograde Burner Shotgun (1,1,1) //Turreted pushback shotgun like a Sonic Lance
584288 + Particle Lance Shotgun (1,4,1) //Powerful burst lance that ignores obstacles
584226 + TAC Draccor Hyperspeed Missile System (3,2,2) //Odd Design, reused parts from the Zorg to save time. Fires VERY FAST missiles that also may miss the target
584227 + TAC Zorg MK23 Vertical Missile System (3,5,2) //Vertical Rocket Launch System Missiles with strong turning and decent range. Slow missiles, high maneuverability.
584229 + TAC Repair Bee Nest (2,2,2) //Bees that fly into the enemy and do the BUZZ OF DEATH
584247 + TAC Electronic Pulse Modulator System Beam (1,2,3) //Toothpaste Laser that tracks enemies and homes in on them for massive stacking energy damage.
584263 + TAC KRAM ICBM Missile System (2,2,4) // Fires one POWERFUL nuclear missile that follows its target
584265 + TAC Argentavis Interceptor Rifle (2,2,2) //weak gun that shoots projectile deflecting EPMC sparks with low damage, but can intercept almost anything you throw at it
584324 + Impact Missile (1,1,1) //Fires out missiles that can intercept things and itself. Spamming is more harmful than good.
--Bowling Ball Cannon
584267 + TAC Spheroth Ball Cannon (4,7,4) // Launches HUGE SPHERES that bounce around and deal massive damage to the enemy.
584279 + Positivity Supercharger Beam (3,3,3) //Drags enemies towards player Tech
584275 + Terminal Overload (2,3,2) //was Surge Cannon. zapp. Inaccurate and hits stray blocks.
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May 20, 2017
//Fairly potent, also fairly demanding for safety precautions
584236 + TAC QuantumFlux Rotary Generator (7,7,3)//About as big as the windmill power thing and generates as much as the power thing - was (10,10,3) but block injector decided to crash. Will nerf hard once Dynamos are nerfed to only work on solid terrain.
584237 + TAC Waffle Battery (2,3,2) //Stores more than BF, and is bulky. Has weak, built-in generator.
584283 + Phase Outlet (1,1,1) //Fast charge at melee, use with Plug. Sometimes, old school is just that more effective.
584284 + Phase Plug (1,1,1) //Fast charge at melee, use with Outlet.
584238 + TAC BroadBody Shield Projector (3,3,3) //Offset bubble block, Big bubble, slow recovery
584239 + TAC Grudge Shield Projector (1,2,2) //Offset bubble block, very fast recovery time and low reboot cost, small bubble.
584272 + TAC AIM-ALL Shield Projector (4,4,4) //Shield Stereopticon that rotates towards the nearest enemy with fairly high efficiency.
584241 + TAC S.P.A.M.A.T. Repair Projector (1,2,1) //Offset bubble block, very fast healing rate, really small bubble.
584259 + TAC Hoarg Repair Projector (2,3,2) //Large, GEOcorp-like healing bubble with decent heal rates, and unfair idle power usage.
584242 + TAC Perdition Sphere (3,3,2) //Offset bubble block, hinders tech in bubble area.

//Fun stuff, cheating death, sensing further, distractions, ETC.
584202 + TAC Oversight Bridge Viewport (2,2,1) //A Stackable Bridge window that looks like a Sci-fi battleship bridge section
584360 + TAC HeXagon Logo (1,1,1) //The TAC insignia on a light.
584321 + Foremount Viewport Cab (1,1,2) //Has FP interior with basic vulcan
--Explosive Bolts
584230 + TAC Cab Frame Block (4,2,4) //A frame to hide your Hoverbugger Cab in and maximise APs from it. Press X to escape! - U-shaped
584231 + TAC Star Hatch Block (4,1,4) //A very handy well-armored hatch that jettisons itself upon pressing X
584232 + TAC SatNav Radar Dish (1,2,1) //More Range in a 45 degree cone
584233 + TAC SatCom Radar (1,3,1) //Even MOAR Range in a 30 degree cone
584235 + TAC Overcast Flashlight (1,1,1) //Nice, bright light
584252 + TAC Prime Floodlamps (1,1,2) //bright lights, but better
584253 + TAC Retro Headlamp (2,1,1) //an actual retro-car headlamp
584249 + TAC Bulkhead Door (1,5,3) //Closes when enemy nearby, virtually indestructible.
584254 + TAC Bulkhead Door Frame (7,5,3) //Closes when enemy nearby, virtually indestructible.
584258 + TAC Torque Gyro //A very powerful single-axis gyro

//All can run without being anchored (Excluding the anchor OBVIOUSLY)
584244 + TAC Stake Rotating Anchor (3,1,3)
584245 + TAC Fabricator
584246 + TAC Maglock //Long ranged magnet that can carry heavy loads, but only a few blocks at a time.
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May 20, 2017
ahem, pls pardon me for the long silence beforehand

Sneak Peak of Next Planned Update [0.4]:

Introduction to 1.5 Parts
Freaking Bus.png

Manipulator Weapons!

Space Fighter Parts!

FPV Cab!

Energy Pulse Modulator Cannons!

And more!
Coming Soon™

Arrival Date Expected: before summer ends
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May 20, 2017
The Gold and Greebles update [0.4.0] is HERE!
(Hopefully this is a bit more easy to notice)
[>Download Link<]

Many new weapons, a new gravity-defying wheel, and spacefighter parts WITH included self-sustaining antigrav!
Older parts have been re-designed to look less Hawkeye-themed!

Here, have some Techs to experiment with:
TAC examplevessel.png

A type.png

Freaking Bus.png

(You do not require R&D to use these techs)
There is too much that was added to list here.
You can see them all within the TAC_Blocks-List.txt file pinned below.

And with always, please report any bugs in this thread so that they can be fixed.


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Green Theem

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Apr 8, 2020
Did you fix the kinda annoying bunker door and frame? I wanted to incorporate those blocks into my tech, however for some really inconvenient reason, there are multiple APs on the interior of the block. I would HEAVILY prefer you greatly reduce the AP count and manage placement so I can build with the Bulkhead Doors (along with the matching frame) properly. They are a really nice block, but also really annoying to properly set up since there's a few under a million Attach points that don't need to be where they are.


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May 20, 2017
Hmmm, the one block I did forget to patch all the way from day one was the Bulkhead doors.

Will fix that, thank you for bringing it up. :)

Both Doors AND the frame are all contained neatly in one block now.
This may cause some problems with older builds that use the doors, so please:
REMOVE the Bulkhead Doors and Frames from your builds Before Next Update!
This next update being before the middle of next week.

In other (mildly exciting) news:
With the recent addition of "animations" to blocks being worked on next TAC Pack update, I may be able to merge the Bulkhead Door into just one block!

Also, a brief teaser on "Legs" (which are literally very buggy experimental messes made of multiple fused wheels atm):
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Biggie Boi

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Jun 28, 2019
if you have any spare time, could you please make some basic blocks for TAC? like a one block that doesn't look like a mushroom or some basic slopes like the ones they have in hawkeye? if you can't, that's 100% fine, this was just something that was bothering me.