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Dec 23, 2020
Thank for this mod, it's awesome. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the walker legs at smaller sizes? I'm a big fan of micro builds and drone armies.
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Mar 17, 2020
this is one is my favourite mods since you added the walker legs but the "spider" ones are making the build really floppy i think it could be fixed but idk how anyone has an idea how to fix it?


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Jun 23, 2020
não adiantou a atualização continua bugado não aparece só os mods TAC_ os outros esta normal


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Mar 28, 2021
I like the tech legs i read about. The tech legs work perfect the spider crawler legs are ok but the stringer work perfect they even have a jump effect nice!
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May 20, 2017
Minor Update 0.5.1
"The Unpopping" is Ready!

Major Optimizations: Now TAC vessels handle far more lighter on frame rate!
(The vessel on the left is vanilla with hoverbug, which gets 17 frames on a moderate gaming rig)
(The vessel on the right is nearly all TAC-only, which gets
29 frames on a moderate gaming rig!)
(Now building with the Starship Engines saves performance over the traditional hoverbug)

AIs have been changed to fire better when in combat, and they can now use normal boosters - in other words the TAC AI modules now work slightly closer to as intended (requires Buffblocks to apply this)
+ The Shield and Repair bubbles have been fixed to work the the current version of TerraTech
+ Many changes to weapon damage - check some of the weapons you previously thought were weak - They might be good now
+ More models have been updated to reflect the look of TAC, and generally bring out the polygons better - this includes
Turbulence, Pivelite, Trundle, Light Praetorian, Reliegh Cannons, Cross-Beam Cannons, Ancestor, and others under the hood
Screenshot 2021-04-07 141305.png
+ Several collider fixes
+ capital-class turrets shouldn't kill ears anymore

+ Buffed Ancestor Heavy-Repeating Carbine projectile speed (95 -> 135), damage (40 -> 65) and accuraccy (0.25 -> 0.12) and nerfed kickback (30.0 -> 50.0)
+ Buffed Meteor Laser Turret damage (75 -> 150) and accuraccy (0.15 -> 0.075)
+ Buffed Kiyashima Turret damage (1000 -> 1225)
+ Tweaked Ethereal Lance to deal 125 energy damage every 3 seconds, now much more threatening
+ KRAM ICBM was given some movement under the water
+ Fixed Draccor Missile shield bypass issue

-/+ Energy Pulse Modulator System Beam Gun renamed and overhauled to Halberd Toothpaste Laser
Now has a shorter range, and a smaller explosion, but handles like an actual toothpaste laser now

- LARGE nerf to Dreadnaught Laser cannon, now identical stats to the Battleship Laser but with 30 more damage per shot
This was due to the devastating effects of the doubled firerate and the AP effect stacking far more damage than expected
- The EPMC bubble has been nerfed to reasonable levels

New blocks!
584470 + Tempest Jet Engine (1,1,3) //Smol jet engine like the turb but Zero Prop-sized for ease of use
584385 + Left Short Flexi Wing (2,2,3) //Left Shorter Flexi
584386 + Right Short Flexi Wing (2,2,3) //Right Shorter Flexi
584387 + Tiny Neutralis Wing (1,2,2) //tiny Neutralis

(TAC HQ replica, not to scale)

1 AP has been removed from the Trundle wheel!
Check all your builds with the wheel!


[>TAC Pack 0.5.1 Download Link<](Dropbox)
Edit: It now works

Any bugs, Techs you'd like to share? Post them below!
Next update will bring some naval-themed parts to TAC, stay tuned!
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