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Jul 23, 2018
Hey Folks,

Let's do another Community Challenge, shall we? This time I challenge you to build an awesome Fortress Tech.

Fort Chal Banner.png

I challenge you to build a Fortress Tech that can safely house a Big Tony Tech (he also goes by the name FTUE). The Fort Tech will need to survive three waves of enemy Techs, with each wave being more difficult than the last. If your Big Tony survives all three waves then congratulations, you win!

You can see how the challenge will work in this week's stream here:

Skip to about 56:55 for a demonstration.

I will showcase each entry on our weekly stream.

  • I must be able to drive Big Tony onto your Fort - The new Fort Ramp Blocks are useful for this
  • One Tech per person
  • Submit your Snapshot or Steam Workshop link to this thread
  • A limit of ฿฿3,000,000 per Tech - The one in the above video was around ฿฿2,500,000
  • No Mods
  • If your Tech Survives all three waves of enemy Techs you will receive a unique Role on our Discord Server!
  • Submissions will close on August 31st
Attached to this post is a snapshot of the Big Tony Tech that I'll be using so feel free to test your Fort using it.

I'll be using a selection of Techs from the Enemy Population thread from here:

This thread is for submissions only. if you'd like to discuss this challenge please use the Challenge Disscussion Channel on our Discord server here:


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Dec 18, 2019
Pinnacle Fort V3a.png
Behold! A fort of magic! With tony-sized holes on the ramps, you can keep them safe with ease. It may not look it, but this fort is lethal!
It's quite simple really. Anyways, for usage, the snap above can just be deployed in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Make sure it's fully powered and has all of its panels deployed (I suggest using the power up instantly function). The image below gives you a bit of insight on exactly what this is. If it ever... uproots... just press the anchor button again and it'll sit itself back where it's comfortable, kinda like a bobbit worm (do not unanchor while tony is in the center). Also yeah, it's totally 2,999,994 BB

Now, there is a chance that this may fail the fort challenge, but at least it'll be cool, right?


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Jan 21, 2016
Discord: DarkStar076#8124

Not much room inside this fort, but it is mobile :cool:
Note: You might need to manoeuvre the ship slightly if the ramp does not deploy after flying around.

Hopefully it can last to the end :)

FTUE Flying Fortress
FTUE Flying Fortress.png
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Aug 14, 2014
I offer a smaller fortress (that has ben tested in the arena for HOURS
silly name of thirty fortythirty forty.png
and a screeenie of it in battle in the arenascreen7.png
even the ramp is sheiled and repaired, but I do not know its cost


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May 13, 2016
I'll take a shot. It may require the removal of and adding of some of the anchour blocks as they do not all anchour when it is loaded in. The outer anchours prevent techs from getting underneath, so they all need to be anchoured. Testing has show that removing the ones do not anchour and adding them back will anchour them. Just pop them off and back on, but do make sure they are aligned the right way to cover all sides please. It is just under 3million, we'll see if it does the job. Oh yeah, drive Tony up the ramp and around the defense wall, park him between the cabs facing however you please.



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Jun 1, 2020
discord: susmain#7336

here is my fort

first explosive bolts will release turrets

second will release hover drone

third will release doors, which will need the be build-beamed to be put into position (they may fall over)
the doors dont like moving, so big tony will have to go in before they are lowered.


edit: added workshop link incase the image doesnt work.
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Aug 31, 2022
User Manual:
Drive Tony onto the tan floorboard in the middle, then press X. Everything will work from there.

A little rushed, but it'll probably work. (It does a funny thing when you unanchor it). Also, make sure to have both the HE Anchored Fort Ramp AND the sky anchor, anchored, or else it won't work properly.

In the slim chance I do succeed, my discord is Tachyon#6271


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Dec 10, 2018
A place, not in space.
One overly engineered Fort Tress, uses explosive bolts and AI, FTUE has a nice pit in the middle all I ask is if the fort will be allied, detonate the explosive bolts after the fort is in guard mode to release the separate AI before beginning...

If there's going to be multiple enemies, multiple targeting systems only seems fair~

Also please turn the magnet switch on, stupid me forgot before taking the final snap…


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May 20, 2017
Big Tony Operations

Because Tony wants to attack the enemy directly, this base features an elevator which goes to the very top, which lets Tony shoot down on enemies from above.

Clear the battlefield of any stray blocks before spawning please...
Keep anchoring until the ramp deploys, then drive Tony up the ramp like shown in the GIF, then press X to activate the elevator and defenses.
If the elevator jams, switch to it and press V until it moves again.
Make sure the Techs deployed from this are set to defend!
Fight on the top of the tower as Tony and let the base do the rest!

Big Tony Operations.png
  • Tonyvator - The main highlight, the Tonyvator lifts Tony from anchor-level all the way up to the top, and also doubles as a nifty throne!
  • Triple Turrets - Smartly positioned fuel tanks lure the enemy to the front of this Fortress.
  • Entryway Bombs - Enemies that dare go up the ramp eat Paladin Bombs as a welcome treat!
  • Block Magnets for "self-repair" - Magnets bring back the detached parts as well as enemy parts for survivability.
  • Tony's Minions(redux) + Biggerer Tonys - Mobile Tony-inspired minions to run out and kite the ranged enemies.

It should be able to last some attacks without power as it's not as heavily focused on shields for defense.

If there's any high-hovering enemies, then this base will likely fail, but at least it was some fun returning back to some good old Multi-Tech building madness.
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