fix / add CO OP


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Mar 21, 2021
česká republika
Hello, I have notes for you about fixing / adding content to the game.

-The game is great in CO-OP mode, and I'd stick to that.
-The game is quite demanding even on a strong PC in fast1 setup. (Ryzen 5 1600,24GBram, RTX 2070Super, (ssd), / at big event 22fps

-When playing 2 players, we found these ailments of the game I have played 17 hours and my brother 32 hours now more
-When (mining) the animation of raw material / wood magnets, stones, etc. on the join freends side gets stuck. (The server sees the animation without a problem.)

-Maybe it would help to increase the FPS or reduce the complexity if, instead of animating the raw materials in the collection block, the animations of the boxes were according to the given license than if the raw material itself.
(corporation: GSO - wooden boxes.
GeoCorp - Iron boxes.

-Add the ability to on / off shields and fix
-Add to mark weapons under which key it can be turned on, for example (especially weapons, mining, missiles, etc.)

-It might be useful for HP / ARMOR / weight status information on blocks

-Add some piston and swivel joint?

-AI - Expand divided into attack, mining, collection or programming.
-Mirror option in setting mode
-Continue with Translation into Czech

-CO OP to allow buildings (refineries, factories, etc.) that are in single player mode.

Thank you in advance for your responses and corrections