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  1. Hiiiii i bought the game a few days ago and i just made my first plane, in short it's crap (screenshot below) my Skype name is Chronically Depressed Panda please if you are able to help me fix the bastard would be appreciated Thanks plane birdseye.png plane front.png Plane Side.png
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    Hi and welcome to the TerraTech community,

    building planes in TerraTech is awesome and frustrating at the same time.
    Here is a video with some basic tips on the topic:

    If you add a snapshot from your plane to the thread, I might fiddle around with the balance and try to fix it.
    You have to save the tech as a .png by pressing the little camera-icon and upload the .png from your game-folder.

    I also invite you to have a look into my Hangar: The Dragon's Hangar - Home of Chrii's brilliant creations
    You will find many flying techs there and might play with them, just to see how they perform.

    Judging the pictures of your tech, you have two problems:
    - try to avoid wings in front of the turbines
    Due to balance issues, engines behind wings make your tech instable to begin with.
    For first planes avoid this issue.

    - get rid of the twin-rudder in the back and place two small wings left and right
    The twin-rudder is not the best block to enhance the steering-ability of your tech.
    Those small wings act like rudders and will allow you to steer your tech.

    Have a look at this tech:
    That is a small starter-plane. I hope that you have all the parts you need to build it.

    I would be interested in knowing if those tricks did work for you.
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    Here is a plane that you would be able to build/buy with your blockset:
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    @Chrii_the_Vieh beat me to it and pretty much said what I was going to, here's another example if you need it though, both as a PNG download you can put directly into your game, or you can build using the JPEG image as a reference.

    Sample Flier1.png

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