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    Finally, I'm going to be upgrading my computer from the 10 year old mess it was.

    Ryzen 5 2600x for my CPU.

    GTX 1050TI for my GPU.

    16GB 3000MHz Corsair RAM

    MSI BorderLine Motherboard

    500GB SSD Samsung 6 GBs

    This also means that I'll be able to play Terratech again without crashing of lag!

    Now this is a massive change

    For starters the CPU and RAM I had scored these points

    CPU: 852

    RAM: 57

    The new CPU and RAM score this

    CPU: 3281

    RAM: 590

    For comparison the newest cores out there score

    CPU: 4558

    RAM: 1028
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    I know that feel , it was a huge upgrade for me too when i've change my PC , it was like 16 time to 32 time better than before (like 512mo RAM to 8G and things like that).

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