Few ideas


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Aug 30, 2021
1. Inputs and outputs of factories are hard to see when building. It would be good to make them more visible by more expresive colloring.
2. Belts should work even when there is only one so you can change direcion of only one piece of belt not the whole thing but still be able to change direcion of whole belt when needed.
3. Up and down conveyor aren't needed. Make possible to place normal conveyors on wall flat. [I hope you what I mean]
4. Fabricator should have a output port.... when you don't have enough resources for crafting something and some are already in and you change the item you want to create. They dissapier... but it would be better to drop them out on conveyor or storrage.
5. Compatibility with RAZER and similar keyboards... make the keys to light up on events and stuf.
6. Make possible to bind actions/movement of blocks to keys and make it work with point 5. Movement of some parts shouldn't be binded to fire buton even if it looks cool. So it would be good to be able to bind the movement to different key by holding right mouse buton on the block then some sort of menu will be shown where you will be able to do it.
7. Scrapper should have similar menu to Factory but it will show all available blocks for scraping. Each window will have +/- on sides where you will be able to set up number of how many of them you want to scrap [each faction own Scrapper, for the sake of little bit of angrines so it is not that easy]
8. add some block that will show how many crafting resources are curently on the tech by hovering mouse over that block.
9. Fabricator and Rafinery should be able to show available for crafting by resource availability
10.biome /resource scaner
11.ingame wiki
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