Feedback: Steam community & patch notes comments


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Jul 24, 2021
A quick feedback in regards to steam:

You might want to consider announcing and shutting down the active chatter on the steam community if steam is not monitored.

If you're not planning on handling/reading post there this should really be addressed.

There are a lot of posts through the steam community pages and usually players just feel ignored and forgotten if there are no announcements.
If there are no posts regarding where to actually provide feedback, this will also silently die and kill general attitude towards the game as people crawl
community pages before they buy games.

This is a typical feedback reply from steam as of this week

" folk've been begging for this for literal years...unlikely to ever happen. Pretty much just consider this forum 100% ignored "


Taking a quick peak at the comments on patch releases would be a good indicator on some steam players mood and attitude towards current state.
I'm referencing this in regards to linkedin posts from your own studio where you want feedback to better the community.
As of now it doesn't seem all too well when you read stuff like that previous note and/or comments on the patch releases.

Taking all of the above into consideration, you are lucky at this point there are no bad review showing up on steam indicating "developers have abandoned the game".

I am posting this to provide awareness and to hopefully get a punch through, this game is great and has A LOT of potential.

Keep the community informed on all platforms where communication occurs and this won't be a problem, but if you keep ignoring steam it will eventually affect you.
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