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Dec 10, 2019
There were not a lot of highly fascinating additions to TT in this update, although Payload has truly surprised me with the advent of new projector shields and their variety. I haven't done any testing yet, but they all seem awesome.

I would like to voice my opinion on some of these:

Venture: The new venture shield is, theoretically, a highly useful concept. Its ability to directionally shield projectiles based on the aggressor allows us to concentrate on our defense and doesn't limit our mobility either, as even if we turn around, it would shield the same direction. Downside is some vulnerability to enemy flanking, but frankly we don't need to worry about that with most spherical shields anyways.

Better Future: The good thing about them is their decent protection area & streamlining, something that I would, sadly, never learn (I got straight Ds in art courses so you get the idea). Providing comprehensive protection, however, would be excessively difficult compared to existing shields since that demands some careful protection

Reticule Research: Phalanx shields, as the game described, is designed for personal protection, hence their extremely small AOE & close proximity. I don't find any use for them in the current meta since excessive splash damage or significant quantities of projectiles would break through everything, and phalanx shield does little to change that.

And here I would like to suggest my concept:

GeoCorp, one of the oldest corporations in TerraTech, has very few power blocks, none of which provide shielding (apart from the big prototype shield seen in a few missions, unusable via legitimate means due to physical issues [YES, I TESTED THAT MYSELF - SCUs & a few other manufacturing blocks DON'T EVEN WORK PROPERLY under its protections]). Plus, defensively armor isn't viable even with their products. The GeoCorp Electroplate, however, bring forth change:
  • These Electroplates belong in the "Power" category.
    • For the purpose of the Power Controller, they are internally classified as "Shields".
  • They are extremely heavy even for their size. Standard fare of GeoCorp blocks.
  • Similar to the BF & RR shields, the Electroplates will come in multiple flavors, each visually indistinguishable to armor blocks they intend to imitate. They are, however, tougher than their regular counterparts.
    • Some blocks belonging to other categories can also have Electroplate variants. For example, Wheel & Flight blocks will be considerably stronger in terms of health & torque.
  • While unpowered, the Electroplate's properties are similar to regular armor, although they take relatively less damage from all sources. Of all damage types, however, they are still most vulnerable to energy attacks, but will stand longer than regular armor.
  • With electricity running through, Electroplates will establish a force-field around itself. In this state, the Electroplate's protection is drastically enhanced:
    • They gain properties similar to shields, allowing them to absorb projectiles and block them off. If the tech carries sufficient power to boot all Electroplates
    • Similar to repair bubbles, they can regenerate health at a moderate rate. This only applies to the plate itself.
      • Taking damage will not interrupt the healing.
    • Their damage reduction is significantly improved, resulting in them absorbing very little damage from all sources. Even the most powerful cannon would barely put a dent on itself.
      • Unlike shields, they still technically take damage. However, they will not affect any SCUs mounted on the tech when taking fire.
    • Compared to regular shields, Electroplates are obviously not comprehensive, as they do not directly encase blocks. As a result, their energy drain is trivial at best. This prevents power outages caused by high spikes of damage.
  • Regardless of being powered or not, Electroplates are capable of blocking ALL types of splash damage, preventing them from penetrating the plate itself and harming any vital apparatus hidden within.
  • Their fragility is zero.
"The most unpopular industrial product, Electroplates terrorize the souls of all that dare opposition to the might of the metals. Using stolen technology, the nasty creators of the MegaReactor Battery worked on the ultimate culmination that combines the benefits of health, armor & shield blocks. Frankly, even the Eggheads in the labs are jealous at the frail attacks from their weaponry now. But the hate is short-lived when beer is served. The irony of them is the genuine intent of defense, be it against natural or unnatural disasters. Hooray for Capitalism! [Short text describing additional functionality]"

The concept could be technically applied to Hawkeye. Compared to GeoCorp, HE plates would be more expensive and fragile, but they are also lighter and come in smaller sizes for recon techs.
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