Farewell Prospectors


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Jun 13, 2018
Hey Modders and Prospectors,

I'm afraid I have to announce that I will be leaving Payload Studios in a couple of weeks. As such, I will be leaving you in the very capable hands of Jamie, Matt and our excellent code team. Payload will continue to support mods and help you to make the best possible content with the greatest possible audience.

It has been a wonderful journey to share with the community, from seeing the awesome content you created to building a platform to help share your content with the whole Steam userbase. I'm still super excited to see what new stuff you come up with and will be keeping an eye on the Workshop. Not only that, I will be staying in the Discord (just losing my shiny purple name :( ), so if you ever want to have a chat about anything mod related, give me a ping.

See you around,
Flan / James