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Would we like to see Kingdom Sub-community boards on the forums

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Mindless Dominion Fleet Admiral
Nov 5, 2015
So iv been on forums in the past where sub communities within the community have requested their own private or public boards for members to discuss things related to the sub community. This can serve to facilitate group content sharing, the development of faction oriented game lore, as well as provide a place where sub community members can talk outside of the public ear and voice. for instance several of us in the modding community could maintain a degree of direction without being interrupted with questions and comments that really belong elsewhere. Lore creators could plan their stories cooperatively without spoiling content. and as the game evolves into Cooperative play, there may be a further use for faction exclusive privileges on the forums.

Now here's something many of you, particularly the devs might find to be a con. It does promote faction tension. Mystery, exclusiveness, and espionage always are roots of conflict. but if it is used responsibly and reasonably by players and forum staff, it could add a vary large amount of community driven content. Competition breeds productivity. isn't that really the driving force behind the corporate mechanism of Terratech?

Also it could very much drive the community to make progress on some long standing community projects if we could better utilize the forums to organize sub community unofficial staff like translators, canaries, modders, and Wiki staff.

Finally it would facilitate a way for players to share techs personally without releasing them to the entire world creating a 'faction arsenal' if you will. now no one can own tech designs, as there's nothing stopping me from building the exact same tech on my own, but this way certain factions can 'expertise' themselves based on which builders are under that allegiance.

this would also mean those faction badges we pick up have some tangible worth.

Food for thought.