Fabricator not making cruise missiles

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    EATZYOWAFFLEZ Active Member

    I just built a new factory with 6 component factories (each of them has all three dongles) and when I try to make Hawkeye cruise missiles the component factories will not make the 2 Seed AI needed. I have all the materials needed ,and other recipes that need Seed AI work.
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  2. Khaine

    Khaine Well-Known Member

    Without a screenshot or a save game it's hard to say what's wrong. If you can normally make Seed AIs without a problem but can't make the second seed AI I would suspect a resource shortage or a conveyor accidentally going the wrong way.

    I'd tell you to "debug" by manually telling each component factory what to do, but you need 7 factories for that. I suggest taking out a few level 3 dongles, sometimes the system gets confused with too much dongle-ness.

    EATZYOWAFFLEZ Active Member

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  4. Khaine

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    Looks kinda confusing to me, like the conveyor for the component factories is being fed from a single 1x1 silo? Need to see that area better

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  6. Khaine

    Khaine Well-Known Member

    I can't see anything obviously wrong with it. I use 7 component factories to make seed AI, but if you say you can make them ok with 6.. I'm stumped.
  7. ifnotthe2nd

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  8. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    Avoid having all 3 dongles on a component factory, this can cause weirdness. Instead, have them in increasing order: no dongle>advanced>complex>exotic
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  9. ZeroGravitas

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    Bingo! Fabricator must 'see' a Refinery's output on it's conveyor to schedule up Exotic Components (original bug report).

    4 Component Factories will work, at minimum for any block type. Depending on their layout and very specific dongle attachment order, somewhat as @QuackDuck says. Generally it seems less sensitive to placement if you throw more Component Factories at crafting (but too many, or loops, and you hit other problems).

    @Khaine - maybe check through my Crafting Guide, or link it for people with problems. Yes, there's a lot there, but it covers nearly all eventualities and the majority of crafting problems that players report here and on the Steam forum are already known.
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  10. Twigjack

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    EATZYOWAFFLEZ Active Member

    Put a refinery on the conveyor and took off some dongles and it works! I think that's a weird glitch with the refinery, but at least it tells me what resource I need.
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