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  1. Loverofgames35

    Loverofgames35 New Member

    Are there only specifically chosen blocks that are put into the Trading Station shops? I've been trying to get Medium Trailer wheels from a Trading Station for a while now.
  2. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    I'm not sure of the stocking of trade stations, especially with regards to being able to buy EXP items, which are a fairly new addition there. I don't know if they may be limited by GSO XP level, or just that you have to have 'discovered' them in campaign by getting some in a reward crate drop (as with other blocks, generally).

    I take it you own the R&D dlc and have it installed? You can enter R&D mode, yes?

    I've moved this thread from "Techs" to "Community Help" section, which is a more suitable fit.
  3. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    in my observations it appears to be
    1 has been discovered AND
    2 randomly selected for that day's sale
    it would be nice if the sale selector would include all blocks from lower license levels eg player at gso 4 can see all gso 1,2 &3 blocks and the discovered gso 4 blocks and the same for each of the other corps
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  4. Loverofgames35

    Loverofgames35 New Member

    I am in the unstable branch with all licenses maxed outside of venture as well as the R&D pack. Also, I have discovered the medium wheels, I have 5
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  5. Loverofgames35

    Loverofgames35 New Member

    Thanks for moving it to the "Community Help" section :D
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  6. the.nihilist

    the.nihilist Semiprofessional Idler

    I too have an issue getting Trailer Wheels in the campaign. I'm trying to stock with some more for a while now.

    While i can find some of the EXP blocks nearly always on any Trading Station others show up every other day or in case of the Trailer Wheels not for a very long time. I seen them a few times at Trading Stations in the beginning of the game, when i got some from the crates too, but reaching the higher GSO levels i haven't seen them anymore at all.

    To me it seems there is something wrong with how the chances for these Wheels to appear in the stocks of the Trading Stations are set or calculated.

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