Expectations Of The TerraTech Community

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Sep 16, 2014
London, UK
TerraTech is for everyone. As such, we want the community that flourishes around it to be as welcoming as the game itself. We want you as a member of this community to help us ensure that newcomers are welcomed with open arms and encouraged to participate with fellow community members and the TerraTech development team.

This may include diffusing arguments, answering questions or ensuring that their questions are answered by a member of the dev team, but there are also a few other guidelines – some more obvious than others – that we'd like you to abide by when interacting with the TerraTech community:
  1. Racism, sexism, homophobia and swearing will not be tolerated. This extends to usernames, profile pictures and vehicle/Tech names too.
  2. Don't let any personal beefs come into play. We’re all friends here.
  3. No spamming links.
  4. If you're entering any TerraTech challenges or competitions, make sure you keep things lighthearted and fun.
  5. Help to diffuse disagreements amongst other members of the community rather than exacerbate them.
  6. In the interests of maintaining harmony, try not to allude to, embellish upon or make claims about having preferred status among the community, regardless of your length of engagement with Payload Studios or TerraTech.
  7. All community mods and members of the dev team should be listened to equally. But only members of Payload Studios have the ability to confirm upcoming features within the game.
  8. The forums are for community members to stay in touch with each other and the dev team. Please be patient when awaiting a response from a member of the team to answer your question.
  9. We have community mods that will aim to answer your questions/problems when they can.
  10. The dev team reserve the right the suspend or permanently ban anyone who doesn’t engage with the community in the spirit of these guidelines.
  11. If you have been banned from the forums and make a second account in order to subvert the ban - this is considered a bannable offense.
Invader Creation and Sharing Rules
  1. All ‘invaders’ created by players can potentially be shown in other players’ games.
  2. Please do not use rude, offensive or defamatory words or phrases for invader names or as your player name, or create offensive vehicle designs.
  3. If you see an offensive design, vehicle name or player name please let us know by emailing help@terratechgame.com.
  4. Breaching these rules may adversely affect your ability to use all of the features of TerraTech.
Bear in mind that we're a small team but we aim to be as community focused as we can. If you get in touch regarding an issue or you have a question to ask, we'll endeavor to respond to it as quickly as we can.

Above all, we want you to enjoy your time spent in our community and hope that you can assist in allowing others to feel the same!
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