EULA Questions and criticisms


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Apr 14, 2016
After reading and attempting to understand the EULA I have the following issues/questions.

It is not specified how permissions for modding are granted and documented, may be related to 6.8.

The section does not limit "any work you create" to work related to the roles specified above, which would allow you to claim any work after my voluntary submissions to be claimed by you.

This section to me says "multiplayer rules TBA". Saying that multiplayer will be handled similarly as other multiplayer games creates for me the expectation of a situation similar to that of minecraft, starmade, factorio, garrysmod and such:
A publicly available software implementing a headless server which will allow individuals and companies to provide hosting services either freely or commercially.

You claim that (in my interpretation of that line) any mod distributed to you, published to you or provided to you revokes our rights over the work and transfers them to you. To a certain extend I can understand that, e.g. with screenshots of the game and shared techs. However for mods this would include original work such as code, models, textures, sounds etc. and I think it is overreaching to demand ownership of these.
If I create a mod, I own the mod. Payload can object to its existence, development and distribution which is fine. But the creation is mine and not Payloads. Under these rules I cannot say that I made Nuterra, because according to EULA Payload did.

Also, how would this affect the following scenario:
  1. Person creates mod MyMod
  2. MyMod uses a software library MyLibrary
  3. MyLibrary is written by Person
Does this transfer the rights Person has over MyLibrary to Payload studios?

Though I support open source and make my work such, demanding it seems overreaching specifically when combined with "Permissions and licences granted to us are perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide and royalty free".
I consider Nuterra not to be distributed on the forums, my posts instead contain advertisements to a 3rd party ( providing the distribution of Nuterra. Please let me know if this is incorrect.

6.2 & 6.4
This rule effectively blocks all modding (before mod-support implemented by Payload), including the installer workaround Nuterra made to be compliant in restrictions set earlier by Payload (where you prohibited the distribution of modded game assemblies).
Also, the EULA does not seem to contain the rules set for modders of Nuterra (here).

Worried about how this relates to multiplayer (see 4.7)

Seems to prevents Payload from handing out per-case modding licenses/permissions such as given to Nuterra, unless you detail each case in the EULA. Does this mean that the license/permission Payload has given to work on Nuterra are void?

I dont know much about EULA law, but I do know that I noticed very little explanation being put out when it came about. I am certain most people on forums do not even know that all submissions becoming ownership of Payload (as part of the forum agreement IIRC) is in place.
The EULA was put in place, but it was not made clear to us (or at least me) how Payload intended to take ownership of the rights of original works that are part of mods. Also, since multiplayer is constantly advertised as "coming soon" I would like to know more details in terms of server hosting and how this would work in the future.

Hope to hear from @vincenz02k
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Jan 7, 2016
North-east America
I did take a good look at the EULA a while ago to make sure that TTMM fits the set rules, but I had a hard time actually finding what I needed to know relative to how the program works.


Apr 1, 2015
Hi everyone, thanks again for all the comments on the EULA, I have tried to summarise my thoughts on all of these in three points below:

1. Modding. We are keen to encourage modding and would love to see an active modding community. We haven’t been able to finalise all of our guidelines for modding yet but we are working on them at the moment. Obviously they will evolve as the game evolves but look out for more on this very soon.
2. Things created by players. We don’t ask players to transfer ownership of anything from them to us. (Some EULAs do explicitly do this, but we have taken the decision not to). However, we do need to be clear that we can use anything submitted to us in the game without additional limits or restrictions. We are not set up to deal with different levels of permissions for different submissions.
3. Multiplayer rules TBA. What we mean here is that there will be additional rules relating to multiplayer as seen in other games, e.g. no harassment of other players, cheating, etc. (i.e. acceptable use policies), if multiplayer is implemented. We can’t yet say what the technology will look like as this is still being worked on.

Please keep sending thoughts / questions on this as the EULA evolves (there is also a privacy policy now as well). v


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Apr 14, 2016
Thanks for taking the time to clarify on the ownership and how it is intended to be used, this is the first time I am this involved with a community and wanted to be sure about it.