Enemy Tech Population Update

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Uncle fester

Jun 27, 2022
Well, here is my little contribution. I must add than there were no Grade 1 new blocks added acording to your list, so, the beginner tech has old blocks only. The other two have lots of new blocks.

All three are purelly (almost) GEO Corp techs.

Mini scrap crane.pngScrap collector.pngHover scrap crane.png

PD: The ramp anchor you showed on the June 8th New Stuff (tm) stream is missing in the 1.4.19 update.
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Jun 28, 2022
I like Hawkeye so I worked a bit with it. I tried to do my best with the "evolution" thing and to keep it looking cool at the same time. I didnt wanted the tech to get too powerful so I kept the armount of guns and strength low. This tech trio called "fronter" was made to be tanky but slow and weak. I sometimes tried to add weakpoints on purpose like the back.

-fronter one
-nothing special and no blocks from the list
-just a regular weak vehicle
-fronter three
-equipped with a cyclops laser
A bit stronger but a small battery for its strong shield
2022-06-28 (2).png
-fronter five ( not four )
- a large battery but a weak shield. But the armour makes up for it. (strong front but weak back)
-equipped with two cyclops laser´s, two catapults and six nail guns

(*important: I used the newest Hawkeye fort blocks for the frame. There was nothing against it in the rules and you wanted new blocks anyway*)
2022-06-28 (3).png
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Jan 26, 2022
Hello there! I think some enemies are quite weak, although of course, not all players want an extreme challenge and to struggle early on in the game, However I feel like once the player has access to Hawkeye they can really make some destruction and stomp anything they come across! So with that being sad, I made some challenging techs! They all fit the requirement, only issue that might be is that my Early Game tech has Tier 2 parts due to the requirements, and unfortunately none of the required blocks that have to be used is Tier 1.

*The Early Game Tech does include 1 Repair Bubble, which isn't shown in the snapshot due to batteries not being charged*



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Dec 18, 2019
With a mostly GC theme (sorry, I know we already have enough of them), I bring forth my landboats! Hopefully they're fair...

The Patrol Boat, armed with frontal lasers and secondary pip machine guns to annoy you from every angle.
Patrol Boat.png

The Frigate, equipped with several forwards facing railguns and a nose mounted shotgun for head-on engagements as well as a barrage of hailfires for secondary combat. It features a strong frontal shield, but weaker VEN shields in the rear. Also, it has a funnel!

Lastly, the big boy. The destroyer is armed to the teeth with all the nasty guns. Featuring several BF Disc lasers on the sides and bottom as well as the Battleship cannon array with dual autocannons to complement, facing this one directly may not end so well. It's completely jam packed with batteries, as with the rest, so you'll have a fun explosion once it does eventually go down. As with many modern destroyers, it has plenty of missile batteries for you to suffer with as it's completely covered in them. It even has missiles on the underside! (have fun with those)
I made sure to have fun with the details, such as the wings, side armor, boss cab, and the top umm... thingy.
Lastly, it's technically a halftrack design, as while there is a rear track, it's only an auxiliary part if the hovers can't keep it off the ground.
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A Tree
Feb 12, 2020
My First submissions for the Enemy Tech Pop. Update!

The Geocorp Harvester, a small Grade 1 tech, its mostly used for first time Geocorp prospectors who just obtained the license.
Geocorp Harvester.png

The Geocorp Nailblader, a big Grade 2 tech, this fan blade-propelled tech skis across the ground at high speed to reach nearby mineral deposits and construction sites. Features the Geocorp Aircraft cab, Geocorp Catapult, and Geocorp Nail Gun.
Geocrop Nailblader.png

And finally, the Geocorp Mining Tower, a Huge Grade 3 turret/tech, this tall menace may not move, but what it lacks in movement it makes up in literally everything else, its equipped with multiple repair bubbles and energy shields, a multitude of weapons, from cannons to catapults, and two Geocorp Scrapdog drones attached with explosive bolts that can be set upon any enemies upon command.
GeoCorp Mining Tower.png

Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
Presenting the Ant Colony Series (starting from the left):
  1. The GC Worker Ant: small, mostly intended for collecting resources, but can take some punishment (as early game punishment goes) and dish out some of its own.
  2. The GC Warrior Ant: sacrifices harvesting capabilities for a more battle-oriented design. It's Cyclops Laser pincers have long reach! A mortar offers some protection from behind. The shields don't hold up for long, though.
  3. The GC Queen Ant: Tanks hits like a pro, in no small part because of four havoc shields and two GeoCorp repair bubbles, all powered by two GeoCorp Gluon Batteries. Even after the shields go down, though, the Queen can be a serious challenge for techs of any size or speed, as the hornet missiles and laser pincers are sure to pick you apart unless you get uncomfortably close. Attacking from behind is risky too, as GeoCorp Mortars lay down a minefield in the Queen's wake.
Each of my creations share a few trademark features inspired by ants:
  • antennae (with weapons on their ends)
  • six wheels (legs)
  • laser pincers
In addition, each tech has two cabs for additional survivability. Don't let their slow speed fool you! They are all dangerous at close range, and their effective weapons range increases with each iteration. Furthermore, they all can take a beating, so you better pack some extra batteries if you plan on outlasting them.


  1. GC Worker Ant
  2. GC Warrior Ant
  3. GC Queen Ant


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Jun 16, 2020
I'm going to keep submissions open until Friday 8th July. So you've got another 2 days to submit your Enemy Techs!
Mind giving feedback on the stuff already given? So we can take advantage of those 2 days to improve and submit?


Jul 6, 2022
Made some quick techs in like 10 minutes.
Hawkeye only blocks besides Tier 2, using 1BF shield.
Could put in more time and effort, but I want to keep it simple for now.

Tier 1, Rungunner

Tier 2, Bamblinder

Tier 3, Railblinder


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Jun 10, 2020
I wasn't going to submit anything until I got an idea.
Then I got angry at how small we need to build as I love building large on a single axis rather than making bricks and lost my mind and have no idea how to build smaller around this theme. So sadly I have one submission but with how the building works in TT I couldn't figure out how to use only grade 2 and lower blocks only and build much smaller while sustaining the theme.
The theme would have a lot of empty space if it wasn't forced to be more brick like for the size limit.

Homfer The HoverTank (I grade this at least a B+ in the bad naming academe but it will do).
It is a hover which was originally going to be a sharpened U shaped tech but apparently 20 blocks on 1 axis is too large.
A hover tank that is based on real life hovers which slide around on low friction air beds propelled by fans though with my creativity "hover" in that sense can mean many things. It has a scrappy aestetic using a lot of the.. ugh.. what they called again? bumper set.. why are they all called bumpers? to give it a scaffold look when you look closely though it was smooshed in by the size limit so you have to look a bit closer.
It has shields, they just look horrible and make this disaster of a color scheme combination worse so here it is in a somewhat more ascetically pleasing form.
It is so slim on the 20 cubic block limit that it becomes question for what is meant by that size limit. Fits within a cube 20 blocks large or fits within a grid space of 20 blocks in all 3 spacial dimensions? Feel free to double check if it REALLY bothers you but it will fit within a cubic space containing 20 blocks in all 3 dimensions.

Snapshot save attached.



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Jan 3, 2015
Aww man, I found out about this too late... I have a decent idea, but I don't think I can put together something worth uploading by tomorrow. Maybe next time lol
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