End-game weapon - Orbital Cannon


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Jun 30, 2018
A Hawkeye lvl 5 block vs the dimensions of 5x5x5(not final). The block functions as an assembler/conrol center. First, you have to build the satellite - which would require a lot of rare components(from Seed AIs to Gluon beams) as well as some more usual ones. Then, after the launch you can paint the target for it. However the shot also requires to be assembled in this center. Probably the satellite will have the capacity of 3-5 shots.
One more thing worth noting - the satellite functions for as long as the conrol center is on your tech. If it is destroyed - you lose the satellite and all the remaining shots. However, it is possible to call the satellite down yourself and recover some resources.
Inspired by Supreme Commander's Novax Control Center.