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Jun 16, 2020
A simple end game concept, the final objective of the game should be to build a "space" ship designed with the ability to deploy drop pods. These pods would include a base tech that you can choose for your next run.

The end game parts

Orbital launch thruster: info requires for of these 4x4x4 blocks to make a station, when not used for a station they make a really good hover.

Orbital drop pod: info can hold a tech upto 50,000 BB in cost. requires 2 to make your space ship. max of 8.

FACTION STATION MODULE: this is that hard part outside of GSO, you must finish a story quest to get these, you can't buy them and crafting them requires over 10 mill BB in materials. You can only start the quest line for one faction in a planet. Once chosen and placed it will add new features to your "station" which will change how a world launched with it behaves.

info: you launch with the tech you loaded into the drop pods, if you made two you can choose form them the other launches as an ally. max of 4 techs can be loaded.

Depending on who you chose you have a t1 GSO license and a t1 of that factions.

Story changes: other then starting with a faction of your pick there are world changes depending on faction. with GSO returning you to the same type of planet.

GC: dropped on a mountain of a planet, forest biomes are almost none existant, the main biome is desert and pillar with forests being small sections in the middle of deserts. The world has allied GC bases through out instead of GSO facilities, these are large bases with neutral techs around them.

Venture: Dropped on a forest planet that is unique it has water, salt flats don't exist on this planet and deserts are rare instead you have oceans which have their materials under water. Techs float, water drains batteries good luck.

Hawkeye: dropped on a jungle planet, near a rather larger allied neutral base. mission depots are less common being the center of allied tech bases. a larger amount of enemies are found on these war zone planets. One faction other then GSO or GC is picked to be the main enemy.

BF: Dropped on a large salt flat planet, unique feature being any biome other then flats is on floating rocks all over the planet.

RR: dropped on an Ice planet, resources are rare and generally harvested from doing experements for the scientists. hope you are good at making a hauller that works on ice.

Each new planet would have its own story line focused around the NPC's you met in the main campaign. With the ability to gain new parts for the next station you make and have a double Control, the end objective having a large ship with the ability to pick which ever planet you want and having completed all the main story missions. With the first planet and the "current" story being an introduction.