Early Game Guide


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Oct 26, 2015
Please tell me if this helped you. This will be a guide to what you should do in the first few hours or days of playing. This will be separate paragraphs and may also be a bit messed up but you can do anything in any order. I just prefer this order and feel free to add yours in the comments

Once you finished the tutorial and gathered up your base into one area, you should start. First check your money, if you have around 2000 BB, buy yourself a shiny new cab and construct a harvester. A basic harvester should have at least 4 tractor pad and try to have dirt wheels on it for a fast getaway. You need to put a few drills on it and if you want guns to help speed up harvesting. The first thing you want the harvester to do is to collect chunks and sell it using your delivery cannon. Try this system so you can sell things a bit faster.

1. Put down your refinery and then connect a conveyor
2. Connect a receiver to the conveyor then attach another conveyor to the opposite side of the refinery where you put the first conveyor.
3. On your second conveyor connect your delivery Cannon and BOOM! You got your "profit" setup. You can also put your base near a trade station but do this later.

This time do the same thing but instead of a delivery cannon, put your fabricator on the other side and you can put a conveyor or silo on the other side so you can store the fabricated blocks there.

Now that you have your basic systems working, let's set up a few defenses so you can leave your base without worrying about it being gone. Instead of buying the turrets in the TECHS section of the shop, make your own as it is a good practice. First buy several rotating anchors then make AI modules for them. Look up the recipe in the wiki. Once you have made your AI modules in the fab, put them on top of your rotating anchors or you can put several blocks on top before the module that way you can stick more guns. Then just add guns and your done! I put 2-5 turrets early game as it is really effective in killing your enemies.

Your base should be effectively setup now, so now you can explore! Try to stay and survey your biome before you go to other biomes. The grasslands should be relatively safe. Try to kill a few techs that yours can handle and get their parts. Get your tech and base lighted up to prepare for night time. Setup about 4 more turrets so you can make sure your base is safe at night as it is very vulnerable without a heal bubble. You may need to get a few fuel generators before you get safe from enemies. If you have a generator, setup a conveyor system that is connected to your generators with several receivers so you can unload your fuel faster. The best source of fuel is either wood as it is easy to collect but is easily burned up or carbite as it is a great fuel source and very plentiful.

Your very much going towards mid game by now and you now have the freedom to go to other biomes since you should have a relatively strong base and Tech by now. Wait for my next guide in mid game. By the way, you can also look for lift off which is the starter plane usually near the borders of the grasslands and the neighboring biomes. I recommend that you just take lift off's parts then reconstruct him at your base then practice flying planes in the R a D chamber or in the Wing It challenge. I recommend adding 2 tetrox small boosters to lift off and adding a small fuel tank to help with flying and removing the 2 wheels in his front then putting one block under the block in front then attaching dirt wheels on it. Prepare a hefty sum of money for mid game and for the harvest boss. Assuming you should be at GSO grade 2. I would recommend for you to prepare venture blocks and GeoCorp ones for mid game. Also start collecting EXP blocks from dispensers which are the grey arrows on your minimap.