joseph racer

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Feb 1, 2019
Drones will have their own category under flight blocks and will return to their carries when their shield is down and they have been hit.

drone carrier - their will be 2 types of drones and each corp will have their own versions. land and air. They come with a drone and each drone has a built in shield. When a drone returns to its carrier it gets healed using your batteries 2by1by2

Hover drones come with built in stabilizing computers, but have less attach points and less health. Hover drone carriers have doors on the top where the drone comes out.

Land drones have more attach points, but they are slower than hover drones. Land drones have doors on the bottom and little claws come out to put it in and out.

blocks (each corp will have their onw versions of these blocks) - wheels, weapons, hovers, propellers and resourse collectors

GSO - drones will have medium health.

GEOCORP - drones have more health than gso but less than hawkeye and they only will collect resourses and will never attack enemies.

Venture - drones have the least amount of health but they are fast and will attempt to evade enemy fire.

Hawkeye - drones have the most armor, mist health, and have a more protective and longer lasting shield.

Bf - hovers move faster than normal

RR - lead developer into the drone business has the second best shield, second fastest, go for resourses when there are no ememies nearby and have the second highest health.

Drones use your power to charge your shield.

Any questions?????