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Apr 28, 2019
As a certain hero of a croatian fps fanchise said: "Let's get serious!"

The dynamo:
Getting it to work is actually pretty easy: take the speed value of the tech, multiply it with a factor you feel comfortable with to give a battery recharge rate. Make the effect non-stackable and make it shut down when in-combat (to avoid unending shields while you do doughnuts around the enemy). The real problem is making these caveats clear and justified to the players. The limitations make sence from a mechanical stand-point, but do not in the games world. All I can say is, flex those creative writeing muscles ;)

The resource radar:
This one is easier said, than done, but all the data and tools are basicaly there. The games engine knows where all the sesourcer are. It has to in order to render them in. This block "just" needs to relay this information to our radar display. This can only work within the 500m radius, where the world is actualy rendered, but I think, that's good enough.

The HR vibro-blade:
Now, this one has zero excuse for not working. It's just a melee weapon for Venture. Just make it a light-weight, faster acting version of the GSO rock drill. Or if you want to innovate, make it the first "always-on" weapon. That way, you don't even have to make animations for it.

I apologise for talking down to the devs, dispite me not having any experience with coding or game design. I'm also sorry, for ruining the fun of this thread. The best phrase, that describes me rhymes with "glass bowl", so don't take any of it too seriously (unless, you want to, devs *nudge-nudge*).


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Aug 14, 2014
NECRO ALERT, you have activated a dead thread. check the date of the last post
and these blocks have not worked (other than the resouce radar acting a a tech radar) since they were added to the experimentals back in the stage when venture was being added in the early r&d days