Difficulty tweak suggestions


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Jun 16, 2020
Bellow is a set of dificulty options outside of just the enemy tech spawns.

Difficulty increases

Info: these options will increase the BB value of all items by 10% per one active, so The more you have active the more Money you can get in game.

Anchored healing
info: when on Repair modules will only activate while anchored preventing mobile healing.

EMP nights
info: during the night Shields, healing, and radars will all disable.

Coordinated attacks
info: randomly an attack will start where a large group of techs work to destroy the player, if they take out the player they will take all blocks and force the player to spawn as a GSO of their tier. Min time between attacks 10 ingame days, max 20.

Hostile weather: acid rain
info: a constant rainstorm looms over head, the rain causes shields to drain as if they where constantly being hit by a GSO level 1 laser.

Hostile weather: Foggy world
info: world is covered in fog, radars only show the first 2 areas, and hostiles spawn more often.

Hostile weather: lightning storm
Info: a rainstorm looms over the planet, some times lightning will strike damaging all it hits, anchored techs will be constantly hit by lightning so healling bubbles are required for them.

note hostile weathers can only have one at a time. activating all of them causes the planet to cycle them.

Difficulty decreases

Info: these reduce The BB you earn by 10% for each one active.

Reinforced blocks
Info: increases block bealth of player techs by 1.5x and makes it so parts never pop off before they are destroyed.

Blast proof shielding
info: shields now block blast damage, (note this one can also be a module for HE which allows shields on a tech to block explosives)

Powerless healing
info: healing parts do not rain power while healing.

Allied techs
info: allied techs will spawn from time to time, these yellow bar techs will not fight the player and will despawn when you go to far. these have a 1 in 10 chance to spawn instead of a hostile tech.
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