Definitive ID Claiming System


Mindless Dominion Fleet Admiral
Nov 5, 2015
actualy, the point of my claiming the 3 million range was to both keep my block claims out of plausibly normal claim range, and to ensure i had ample space to complete some of my more intensive projects, which i still plan on doing. namely the Critter blocks project, which will have many different shaped and textured shell blocks to replicate a vast variety of organic surfaces (skin, fur, feathers, scales, chitin... Plausibly many others...). also i have plans for several series of blocks to make mech and walker building more cohesive, and some extreamly large scale blocks for faster large scale building. I know i only have a couple dozen blocks out so far, but i have Many more coming. though i know i'll never use the full 3 million range, but until free space becomes a problem i'd prefer to hold on to my claim range. also... 3 m... M3... yeah. mine. already has my name on it.