Decorations should be craftable

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ifnotthe2nd, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I found my tech battling a big geocorp weapons pyramid... barely won by the skin of my teeth... :cool: but there wasn't much left of my tech... :( Worst of all my little bird bobber that I put on all my techs was destroyed in the carnage. It took me almost a full week of being birdless! :eek: till I finally found a trading station selling six of my little mascot... I bought all six of them... I don't ever want to be birdless again! lol;)

    Ahem, anyway what I'm trying to say is... Can we have a way to buy the special deco via payload terminals or craft them at the fabricators...?
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  2. WhitePaw2002

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    I suggest a change of title to include decoration terminal or fabricator

    These have already been suggested before, I believe...
  3. ifnotthe2nd

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    :oops: oops your right... I changed the title... I try to look for existing threads but its hard when there's so many...
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