Debation (RP Rules)

Which one?

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Dec 29, 2017
We have had an argument that has been going on for a couple days now. There are currently 4 sides to it.

1. Only proof, you must have GIFs proving the item works, and how it works, showing that it is legitamet

2. An idea of the item, showing what the item would look like but having it function outside of TT physics.

3. Documenting how it was made, though no screenshots, GIFs, or other proof is required

4. Completely fictional, no proof required, just put in and its there. (Within reason)

The four sides of the points

Point 1: Keeps RP at a level where no one can be completely overpowered

Point 2: Keeping it in the realm of possibility, but not actually working in TT

Point 3: Keeping it so no one instantly is OP, but endless possibilities

Point 4: To keep RP changing and developing with endless ideas, while having the con of OP players arising.

Pros & Cons

Point 1: Pros: Keeps RP level, no OP players Cons: RP Doesn't move forward much

Point 2: Pros: Keep RP somewhat level, balanced players, RP moves somewhat forward

Point 3: Pros: Keeps RP changing and developing, making infinite possibilities Cons: OP kingdoms will arise, different mechanics

Point 4: Pros: Opens the mind to everything, no limits, kingdoms keep evolving at exponential rates Cons: OP Players can easily become the top, wars become more dramatic


Point 1: Keep this, however lean it more toward points 2 & 3, but fair and stable, with proof required

Point 2: This is a fair standing ground, just add the idea of point 3 in some parts

Point 3: Same as point 2

Point 4: Have a separate ideas thread where people can have ideas passed when 3 or more kingdom leaders like the comment.
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Jan 15, 2017
Honestly this is a tough one, but I propose a solution:
Since me and a few others are working on a ruleset right now, once it's done, those who want to follow it may follow it ( though it only applies to combat currently )

And for right now in RP, just please let everyone have common sense but don't be angry once some stuff gets revoked from RP

EDIT: Can we have more than one option on the poll?