Death Match Update

joseph racer

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Feb 1, 2019
I feel like death match has kind of been forgotten after the release of co-op creative and campaign. So I have thought of some changes.
Better Future techs - make 1 hovercraft and 1 car. Hovercraft placable blocks can be 1 large ion drive, a hover power controller, and a laser disk. The car you will get 2 small bosters, a laser disk and a radar.

RR stuff when it gets its own cab

Create spawn and wats inside of them - I think it wold be cool to have the creates spawn constantly (Ex: create spawns every 5 seconds and it will spawn even if there is another one that has already fallen). Also they should spawn everywhere instead of the same spots every single time. Also you should be able to control what comes out of them. Categories such as: explosive weapons, flight blocks, hover craft blocks, and antigrav blocks.

map - maybe a few new ones but also a randomize button so you don't have to chose with map you want to play.

any questions.
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