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    The Death Bot. Version 1.

    This little guy started out as an experiment when I got bored and tried to make the dumbest tech I could - an armored, rocket powered metal ball. That version was called Useless V1.

    This tough little testicle is your basic armored rolling spherical bomb. Just stupid amounts of fuel onboard - along with fuel and power gauges, radar, gyro stabilizers, batteries, etc... everything internal and armor plated. Which is kinda cool, but don't expect it to do anything other than explode - with tiny bits pelting out of the sky - if you get hit by anything more powerful than one of those dinky pew pew lasers...

    Goes about 40mph cross country, and tops out at 75mph cross country with rocket boost. I could add more boosters, but seriously - you can mash the shift key and just hold it down for ridiculous amounts of time... I think I put 8 of those Hawkeye fuel tanks in there. They last forever.

    So yeah... this is my life now... designing metal testicles... enjoy.


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