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May 19, 2020
Hi I would like to make a request?
Could someone make a rust skin pack for all corporations?
Thanks!! :)


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Jul 6, 2018

I've been looking almost everywhere to post this and I guess this is the only place where this question is relevant:

I've recently made my first skin. On the following picture, both main bodies were reskinned with mine. Although I'm pretty satisfied
with teh end result (considereing that I'm not particlarly gifted with computer), I stilll can't understand where on the Aldebo (if it the one) the blade of the propellers are, so I could eventually modify it's color to go with my skin. The same question goes for the other objects, like weapons.

I ambition to start creating my own blocks at some point too, but I have to understand how blender works first (It's a rather counter intuitive and complicated to use for me). Meanwhile if someone would be kind enough to answer my first question, as on how to find where things goes on the aldebo? It would be sincerely, greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help?

HE question skins.png

P.S. As stated before, considering that I'm not particularly gifted with computers, please try to be as simple as possible
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