Jan 7, 2016
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The Texture Swapper mod allows you to load custom skins for blocks in to the present system for swapping textures. (You can get that mod through TTMM)

Included is an example folder for a GSO template, named "GSO.ExamplePack.tsmod":
  • "GSO" is the corporation that the skin will be for, and appear under. It can also be BF, HE, GC, or VEN
  • "ExamplePack" is the name that people can use to identify the texture pack. The name of the texture pack, you can say.
  • "tsmod" is an extension to that previous identifier. It can be the author, or a random sequence; Mainly to make sure no two are the same if ever to be close. ("tsmod" stands for Texture Swapper Mod. Remember to change it!)
Snapshots will remember the name of the skin (folder name), so changing the name would not be the best.

Inside that folder you will find a few images:
  • "1.png" is the Albedo, or normal coloring of the texture. This is what you would want to edit
  • "2.png" is the Metallic gloss of the texture. The more opaque it is in a spot, the shinier it will be
  • "3.png" is the Emission of the texture. This defines how the texture will glow in the dark, for things like lamps and screens
  • "preview.png" is the image you see that represents your texture. It can be a picture of a block or tech with your skin on it. This file is not necessary for the skin to work, and can be ignored or removed.
  • "button.png" is the icon you would be clicking on to select your skin. It usually follows some kind of pattern. This file is not necessary for the skin to work, and can be ignored or removed.
If you need any more help, you can drop by the official TerraTech Discord, or look at other skin packs for reference.

The custom textures will be located in your TerraTech installation folder, named "Custom Textures". Make sure to put the skin folders in there.

Share your skins here!

Please do not use this system to distribute things people should not have open access to!
Or make anything that would break the age rating of this game

NOTE: The current way skins are handled within the game may limit it up to 15 skins per corp total.
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Nov 5, 2015
Wave 1 bonus pack in the works. Arctic camo, John Deere, chrome dome, dregula, and army skins. One for each corp. guess which one is which
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