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Jun 27, 2019
Top-of-the-line weaponry for top-of-the-line customers.
A quick word
Hello there! Thanks for reading this! This is a custom corp idea that I have been thinking about posting for awhile. Now here I am. I hope to learn how to mod and make this corp a reality, because I would really love to play with my own corporation in-game.

Corporation lore
Hyperion Systems started out as a special weapons branch of Better Future before the corporation became one of the major prospecting powers. At the time, Better Future was owned and controlled by a man named Joe A. Joe had a very ambitious dream for Better Future, this being that it would be the most dominant prospecting corporation that fit all your needs, military or civilian. This is also what the people at the early Hyperion Systems wanted for Better Future, but more military-based. After Joe died in an attack on his private cruiser by the Space Junkers, his next-in-command Timothy N. came to power. Timmy wanted Better Future to be civilian-oriented, with a limited weapon array. The special weapons division was shut down, and after about 10 years, they came together to form Hyperion Systems.

Brief corp overview
Hyperion Systems mainly focuses on military things, such as powerful shield barriers and advanced plasma and laser weaponry. Their block styles resemble Better Future, but less "futurey".
What I mean by this is that Hyperion doesn't make blocks that are supposed to look sci-fi-like. So this is sort of a mix of BF and HE, but not really at the same time. These blocks are designed to be end-game, and if I (or anybody else kind enough to do so) ends up making these blocks, they will be listed under BF grade 3 to make sure they are used at strictly endgame. I will provide some tech ideas in the attachments (built in LEGO because I can't draw lol) The weapons of this corp will be mainly laser and plasma, with some explosives. Hyperion's color scheme is mainly white with gray trims, and red lights/energy.

Planned/WIP features
*Maybe a new motto
*More tech ideas
*Block ideas
*Making the blocks (still thinking about maybe trying to start doing this)
*(edit) i have started to make the blocks

Final words
Again, thank you for reading this and hopefully thinking about this idea. If you are interested, take a look at the tech ideas below, and if you are interested in helping me make the blocks, DM me on Discord (isqltychips#8487). Thank you for reading (final time! I promise!)

EDIT: I am making these blocks now! You will find them here: https://forum.terratechgame.com/index.php?threads/isqltychipss-blocks.21038/
HS Hovertank.jpgHS Fighter.jpgHS Stealth Drone.jpgHS Light Drone.jpg
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Aug 24, 2017
your Lego pictures make me wanna play with my legos again (if I can still find them in my garage XD)