Current state of Multiplayer -- January 2018

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Jul 9, 2016
I understood at the very beginning that you were being sarcastic but I love seeing how different people react to these types of scenarios. I even convinced a girl that I had multiple personality disorder
That’s not very hard to do. But it’s also a really shitty thing to do depending on how close you are to said girl.

Lord Zarnox

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May 31, 2017
Granted, I’d like it, but I’d also like to win the lottery.
Statistically, one out of three people who win the lottery end up worse off financially and socially, and this is regardless of how good they are with using money responsibly. This is why the saying "If you hate someone, buy them a lottery ticket" exists.
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Lost Ninja

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Jul 17, 2015
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There are 1997 games that have excellent pathfinding on a massive scale for gigantic groups of units in full-3d environments (Total Annihilation). However I also have to add that Chris Taylor of Cavedog/Gas Powered Games/Wargaming is one of the most experienced and highly skilled developers in the industry and that his games always used proprietary engines developed in-house and the way they fill and operate are unlike anyone else's.

In fact Total Annihilation is still played and developed by the active community today - 20 years later and that game supports groups as large as 6000-8000 3d units moving shooting concurrently without any trouble, just need any relatively modern CPU.

Also, that 20-year old game simulates physics like gravity for all units at the same time.
It's also one of my all time favourite games, furthermore I used to play EVE with one of the guys who helped implement the AI in Spring (and also wrote one of the harder addon AIs for OTA).
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