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Lord Zarnox

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May 31, 2017
Wheatley, professional moron
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Bonus reaction image from Discord
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That Wheatley is incredibly accurate, even with the cracked lens after GLaDOS woke up and crushed him.
Draw an Aperture Science themed Better Future tech. Which I suppose is just asking to draw an vehicle designed by Aperture Science, but either way, it will still be cool, especially because you're drawing it.


Apr 9, 2017
Anywhere and Everywhere
Here is your complementary lore dump. You'll probably have to refer to it every time I release some writing about said topic. Because reasons. #ActualWritingComing2019SoSayYay

This text should be filled with a paragraph, somehow related to what is being shown in the list below. But whatever, I don’t care. I’m not stretching my brain doing that. I have more than enough to write already... Actually, this text is probably supposed to explain what the stuff being shown in the list is. Whatever.

  • The Guardians - A community of many different beings, tasked primarily with protecting pretty much everything from *untranslatable text* (until the "Final Battle" in which all most of them die, but so does the *untranslatable text*). The Hunters are part of this group.

  • The Hunters - Guardians tasked with killing jaestorlms. The closest word to describe them(not the Hunters, what they’re tasked with killing) is infected; they were regular beings on their indigenous planet/whatever area they were in, before they were infected by *untranslatable text*. Each Hunter is specialised to kill one type of jaestorlms, depending on whatever was infected. So for every type of being, there is a Hunter. However, Hunters not specialised to kill a certain type jaestorlms have a much harder time, usually needing to band together with other non-specialised Hunters to defeat it, the number depending on what was infected. Most of the time, other Hunters do not need to help Hunters killing their specific type of jaestorlms.

  • Hunters’ Bow and Quiver - The weapon of Hunters, sometimes primary or secondary, depending on what they hunt. Every inch of these can be customised, from the length of the bow arms to the type of material used for the fletching.

  • Hunters’ "Melee Weapon" - A Hunter’s Melee Weapon can be any melee weapon, determined by what type of jaestorlms they hunt. As stated with the Hunters’ Bow and Quiver, this can sometimes be the primary weapon, although usually most Hunters simply use the bow until the jaestorlms gets close enough.
That’s all the lore dumping(for now). Anyways, hope you all enjoy the stories!