Crashing Reports


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Crazed Builder
Feb 25, 2015
As some may know I have been working on a spaceship for a little bit now, but what some may not know is that is has been crashing like crazy. Especially when trying to use the new explosive bolts to disconnect the parts while flying.
There were many times in the last update that I saw the bug reporter because of this, but with the update it has been crashing back to the desktop instead.
So I figure that I would add them here with the output log for the last crash. I forgot to get the first one, sorry. There is a description included with the zip file just in case.
I also added the tech that I was working on so you can try for yourselves to see if you get the same results.
It's a link to Imgur due to the snapshot being over the 1 MB limit of the forums.

If anyone else is experiencing crashes in or newer as they are released and have a report to post feel free to post them here.
The old crash report threads are just that, old ;). Might as well have a new place for @Jamie and the crew to find the most current crash reports :).

Hope it helps
Have a good one [8D)