Crafty Mike Doesn't know his ores []


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Aug 14, 2016
In a Tank Tinkering
I was playing the game and I came across Crafty Buisness IV mission. And crafty mike wanted me to harvest some rocks for the Auto Miner. But when I mined an Olious Jelly rock, and it had a seam. As shown bellow, he said it would do. But in the mission log it specifically says, "Mine the Carbite Seam." I don't think this was intentional. I think instead of a specific rock, have it just say, "Mine the rock seam." This would cause less confusion because as you see in the pic below. NO CARBITE!

NOTICE: This happened exactly after I mined the olious jelly, and if you look, you see that my Silo in the back has no Carbite, and there are none on the ground. So it isn't just me not being smart and looking around.

P.S. Don't judge my graphics, I don't have a supercomputer :(