Crafting still too slow


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So, on my latest playthrough i prettymuch did things they way it seems we are 'supposed' to do things.
Harvesting, refining, crafting.

And then i gave up.

Because it was too time consuming.

One big wheel costs something like 36 sap and 24 plumbite.
Now, costwise, that's fine.

But, you have to store 60 chunks, per wheel. Which, in addition to taking up lots of room, and causing FPS drops (try stockpiling enough for 6 wheels) takes a heck of a long time to get built.

sixty heartbeats, per block. Which is quite a while.
And that's just one wheel.

And given that these large blocks are used on large vehicles, and you are very likely to need quite a few of them, that's kind of an exponential time cost.

And the new component system isn't likely to help.
given that you don't know what you might want to build, and it's unlikely you can break them down into resources again, the efficient way to keep those resources is as raw chunks, as refining adds only like 2 heartbeats to the total total time.

The only way this system will help with the time factor, is if all high resource blocks use such a standard spread of components, such that it makes sense to pre-process almost all resources into components, while you're busy.
That way, instead of waiting for 60 chunks to process and move, you build a wheel out of 2 Alloy sheets And 2 mega-tyre blocks.

Or if it were possible to break them back down into resources, so if we need to we can undo it, and store only components, and not resources.

  1. GC bulk transporter: a 2x2 conveyor that shifts 4 or more resources at a time, and/or faster than the slightly naff GSO ones.
  2. Bulk Silo: A storage block that holds a large amount of one resource in a small 2x2x3 space. Like, 1000 chunks. And doesn't render them for FPS drops.
  3. Heartbeat Accelerator Block/Transport Controller: Uses power, ups the heartbeat of the conveyors by an amount.
  4. Allow scrappers to break down components into res chunks, that way, there's no downside to making components ahead of time.
  5. Advanced Fabricator: Bigger and has more input slots, like 6, so it can take in more resources simultaneously. Otherwise the same.
  6. Add a build counter to the fabricators, so we can make 7 or 12 items at a time.
  7. Fix whatever cause the slowdowns when multiple fabbers run, so we can have multiple running without killing the FPS.

Because, at the moment, it's still not worth the hassle of manufacturing your own blocks, except to unlock stuff :(
Not when you get to mid-to late game and want to manufacture parts for your large GC tech.

It's still less hassle to process and sell resources, and buy what you need quickly.
a 300% markup is still less hassle than building a big base and manufacturing them.

Also, you don't need to harvest specific resources for blocks, just money. Which is less hassle, and still quicker.
Esp when you get mobile refineries and cannons
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Mar 30, 2016
#2 bulk silo


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