Crafting in Co-op Campaign


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Jul 1, 2018
Hey guys!
Just jumping on quickly (it's the holidays over here, so I should be eating my weight in Turkey right now).
Thanks for the feedback so far, it's giving us a good idea of which direction to head.

It's clear that building complex machines and working out the intricacies of the system is a big part of what Crafting means to you. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, it's not likely that we will be able to commit the time and resource into fully implementing this in MP, but i'll look into exactly how unrealistic that is in the New Year - just to make sure.

We have a potential solution for being able to actually Craft blocks in MP (i.e...simply turning resources into blocks) that will be simple to implement. But yeah, more info in the New Year once we've had some time to look into it.
Would it be possible that the new code base is used in single player later (in the means of being a new refactored foundation for the more complex system)? Maybe this is a chance to start on rewriting the code and step by step get the crafting system rebuild?

I think a good start would make a Scrapper and then slowly Fabricators, Conveyors etc. could be added back in. This approach would give all those people hope that only see a horribly broken crafting system at the moment. :cool: