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Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
This is both a question and a suggestion: will there be as unique SCU for each Corp? I have some thoughts as to how to specialize each of them:
  • Geocorp: Big, industrial design, with a lot of health. It has a huge range to keep the base clean, but takes much longer to charge. Serves better as a permanent base SCU.
  • Venture: The only mobile SCU, with a short range and low health. Picks blocks up a little faster for those quick hit-and-run loot grabs.
  • Hawkeye: As expected, a GSO 2.0 SCU. More health, longer range, faster grab, faster charge, all with a price that'll burn off your pockets.
  • Reticule Research: Relatively unstable, so it lets out a lot of blocks if hit. However, it can be set to be selective to certain blocks, such that it will pick them up first. It also charges really quickly.
  • Legion: This one has an AI and legs to search out loose Bock's close to its range. Moves really slow, and can get into trouble if left to wander.
  • Space Junkers: Something old and rusty, portraying what the first SCU may have looked like... without the rust. Somewhat bulky and pathetic by all stats, but it comes really cheap.
  • Better Future: Go green! It's small, but has solar panels with it for some clean energy. It has a decent range and charge, but it depends on power. Hence, the solar panels.
Note to readers: these SCUs would all share the same storage, but just have a different take on block collecting.