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    I went and made trading stations for each corp,some having special abilities.

    GC Trading Station.png
    Twice as big to it's GSO counterpart,this TS is made to sell GC blocks. Home on the mountain ranges due to its 5 high anchoring anchors.

    VEN Mobile Station.png
    This is Venture's mobile station,which roams the world in search for players.Unlike the GSO TS,this can turn raw resources into refined ones before selling them.For selling already refined chunks and components,they have their own Delivery Cannon.

    HE Trading Fort.png
    HE's variant of their TS with a little suprise for unwelcome guests.As for selling,they take blocks instead of chunks.

    If they existed in campaign,here are the ways to unlock them.
    GC - Opens after earning your license from Big Pete.
    Venture - Must complete a "Defend the tech" with him being attacked.After completing it,he will give you some time to use him before exploring the world.
    Hawkeye - Becomes available after gaining HE lvl 2

    I will add more details later describing each one.
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