Coop racing map - PUB GT - savegame share


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Apr 22, 2017
Hey folks, I have a Coop race map to share, where you can show off your driving skills across varied terrain on a relatively long pre-set track and with 4 different types of pre-set vehicles to choose from. Vehicle characteristics are pretty close with speeds around 130mph and some small differences in off-roadness and top speed.

The map is a Coop Creative savegame and is intended for 2-4 players to race each other, while remaining within constraints of coop distance limit. If you get too far ahead, red border zone of coop mode will force you to cool down a bit, so your mates can catch up a little. Your objective is to go through all the checkpoints using one of the provided vehicles, while remaining ahead of the pack and cross the finish line first.

The track is defined by checkpoints and yellow-black arrow signs. You are supposed to pass all the arrow signs from the yellow side within the track, while black side of the arrow is the outside of the track. If you leave the track for any reason you are meant to return back on track at the shortest trajectory possible.

The checkpoints should be entered from the green window side, red window means wrong way.

You are meant to use one of the available vehicles without modifications and cannot repair or reconstruct from snapshots while the race is in progress. So, it is not only about pushing at max speed but also being able to survive to finish line in workable condition.

Enemies are turned off by default, but feel free to add them to spice things up.

Default location to copy savegame to on your machine:

C:\Users\******\Documents\My Games\TerraTech\****************\Saves\*******\CoopCreative\
The file is attached to this message.

Have fun!

On-track (right):

Outside (wrong):